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+++ stock market ticker +++ – Swiss stock exchange with losses across the board – “fear barometer” rises – Bitcoin and ether under pressure again


Of the Swiss stock market registered heavy donations on Wednesday. The SMI is building on the development from the previous day and is also in good company across Europe. Traders refer to delta economic concerns and the generally high price level. The higher nervousness is also reflected in the “Fear Barometer” VSMIthat increases by over 10 percent.

The SMI traded 1.42 percent lower at 12,169 points in the morning and thus increased its losses from the morning a little.



Of the Pressure on bitcoin after the unsuccessful start as the national currency in El Salvador continues. The cryptocurrency fell 2.3 percent on Wednesday to $ 45,722. At times, it had lost 18.6 percent on Tuesday, as much as it has not since the stock market crash of March 2020 – 180 billion dollars in market value were destroyed. “The mood is and remains cracked,” said analyst Timo Emden from Emden Research.

Ether also remains under pressure. The second largest cyber currency lost on Wednesday morning by around 4 percent to 3,264 dollars.

The introduction of Bitcoin as a means of payment in the Central American country turned out to be an “own goal” for the industry and thus a “nightmare for investors” on the first day. In addition to the financial instability of the cyber currency, its introduction could fuel illegal transactions. “Investors fear that yesterday’s supervisory authorities around the world have become aware of the fact that they tighten their regulatory belts and Bitcoin and Co are taking their breath away,” said Emden.



The three companies on the broad market, in which major shareholders part with blocks of shares, came under great pressure shortly after the stock exchange opened. at SoftwareOne the former core shareholder KKR definitely said goodbye. The share lost 7 percent. at Huber + SuhneMajor shareholder Metrohm is also practically completely exiting, which causes the share to fall by 8.4 percent. Even VetropackHow the majority owner Cornaz Holding sold a large package, lost 6.3 percent.



Of the Swiss stock market opens midweek with clear losses. In general, many investors did not want to take too great a risk before the meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday, my trader. This is all the more true because the specifications from overseas do not give a clear direction. The ECB will not only publish its updated growth and inflation forecasts on Thursday, but will probably also comment on the pandemic emergency purchase program “PEPP”.

Shortly after opening, the SMI lost around 1.25 percent at 12,191 points. The day before he was dipped 0.69 percent.

All blue chips are trading lower. The shares of Holcim fell the most (-2.1%), which had already fallen by 3.0 and 3.8 percent on the two previous days around the Paris court ruling. But Partners Group (-1.9%) as well as the heavyweights Nestlé, Novartis and Roche (both -1.2%) weigh on the market.

In the broad market, Adecco (-1.6%) have to give up after taking on fresh capital.

One issue on the stock market is that in three companies on the broad market, major shareholders parted ways with blocks of shares. At SoftwareOne the former core shareholder KKR said goodbye definitively, at Huber + Suhner major shareholder Metrohm also practically completely, and at Vetropack the majority owner Cornaz Holding sold a large package. Shortly after the opening of the stock exchange, no courses have yet formed.





Of the Swiss stock market shows up on Tuesday pre-class something more solid. According to pre-market data from Bank Julius Baer, ​​the SMI is trading 0.13 percent higher around an hour before the opening of trading. On Tuesday, the leading Swiss index had lost 0.69 percent and closed at 12,344 points.

Lonza (+ 0.8%) are in demand for pre-trading sessions. JPMorgan increases the target price to 860 from 680 francs and leaves the classification at “Overweight”. The shares of Huber + Suhner (-8.5%) collapse on the broad market. Major shareholder Metrohm AG sold all of its shares on the market as part of an accelerated placement process



Of the Euro continued early trading on Wednesday above the $ 1.18 mark written down. In the morning, the common currency cost $ 1.1842, roughly the same as the night before.

Of the Francs was the day before weaker against the euro and the dollar and remained at this level during the night. The EUR / CHF is trading at 1.0892, close to the 1.09 mark. The USD / CHF exchange rate temporarily exceeded the 0.92 threshold, but is currently a little lower again at 0.9199.



One day before the eagerly anticipated ECB Council meeting, the Dax According to calculations by banks and brokerage houses start lower on Wednesday. On Tuesday, he closed 0.6 percent in the red at 15,843.09 points due to corona worries flared up again. Stockbrokers initially focus their attention on the publication of the “Beige Book” in the evening (CEST). From the economic outlook of the US Federal Reserve, they are trying to read indications of the timing of the planned throttling of securities purchases.

In the upcoming deliberations of the European Central Bank (ECB), too, investors are asking themselves whether the monetary authorities will announce the so-called “tapering”. Even if the central bank throttles the volume of its bond purchases as part of the PEPP pandemic emergency program, the effects on the market will be limited, said Ulrich Stephan, chief investment strategist for private and corporate customers at Deutsche Bank. “Because the euro countries will issue fewer new bonds thanks to declining deficits, so that the supply of government bonds will also grow more slowly.”



After Suspension of stock trading on Tuesday morning (yesterday), they take Vetropack shares on (tomorrow) Wednesday trading on the stock exchange resumes. This was announced by the SIX Swiss Exchange on Tuesday evening.

The reason for the suspension of share trading was the news that the majority shareholder Cornaz Holding wanted to part with almost two million registered shares. This increases the proportion of freely available shares (free float) from 53.1 percent today to an expected 63.1 percent of the capital, as the glass packaging group announced earlier this morning.



the Bitcoin & Co solved one on Tuesday Sale of cryptocurrencies the end. Stocks of companies dealing with the blockchain technology underlying internet currencies were blown out of their depots. The shares of Coinbase, Riot and Marathon on Wall Street fell by up to ten percent. The titles of the German Bitcoin Group, which operates a cryptocurrency exchange, have lost a good five percent. The titles of the software company MicroStrategy, which has invested billions in Bitcoin, are down 8.4 percent.

The cryptocurrencies caught up for now on Wednesday morning after yesterday’s sell-off. Bitcoin is currently holding at $ 46,760. Yesterday the rate had risen to $ 53,000. Ether settled at $ 3,445 after hitting $ 4,000 yesterday.



According to pre-market data from IG Bank, the SMI is around 0.22 percent lower. On Tuesday, the Swiss benchmark index had already lost 0.69 percent and closed at 12,344 points.



the Asian markets were just below their six-week highs on Wednesday. Concerns about a slowdown in economic growth made investors risk averse. “The Asia-Pacific region, which has a zero tolerance policy on coronavirus and relies on exports for growth, could underperform as global demand for goods declines and distance rules are reintroduced in many APAC cities,” said David Chao, Global Market Strategist for the Asia-Pacific region at Invesco. Coupled with the lower vaccination rate in the area, this could lead to a prolonged cycle of lockdowns and reopenings.

The Nikkei Index, which comprises 225 values, was 0.8 percent higher at 30,162 points. The broader Topix index rose 0.5 percent and stood at 2073 points.

The Shanghai stock exchange was 0.1 percent in the red. The index of the most important companies in Shanghai and Shenzen lost 0.3 percent.



in the asian currency trading the dollar was almost unchanged at 110.29 yen and stagnated at 6.4640 yuan. In relation to the Swiss currency, it was quoted hardly changed at 0.9194 francs. At the same time, the euro remained almost unchanged at 1.1842 dollars and was quoted little changed at 1.0889 francs. The pound sterling stagnated at $ 1.3779.



Worries about a possible faltering economic recovery weighed on the US standard values ​​on Tuesday after the long weekend. The leading index Dow Jones Industrial lost 0.76 percent to 35 100.00 points.

According to chart technology expert Andreas Büchler from Index Radar, the overall upward trend in the Dow is intact. Investors shouldn’t ignore the likelihood of a respite, however. The risk of correction remains real. The market-wide S&P 500 fell 0.34 percent to 4520.03 points on Tuesday.

Thanks to the price gains of large US technology stocks such as Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, the Nasdaq 100 climbed to a record high of just over 15,700 points. The technology-heavy price barometer withdrew from trading with a plus of 0.15 percent to 15,675.76 points. Apple and Netflix also climbed higher than ever during trading, gaining around 1.6 and 2.7 percent respectively in the end.


(cash / AWP / Bloomberg / Reuters)

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