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Stefanie Giesinger: Leonardo DiCaprio invited you to his party

Stefanie Giesinger
Leonardo DiCaprio invited her to his party

Stefanie Giesinger

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Stefanie Giesinger does not allow herself to be blinded by superficialities. Leonardo DiCaprio once invited her to one of his legendary parties as a guest, but the influencer preferred to go home alone.

It is probably no secret that Stefanie Giesinger, 24, turns the heads of men in rows. The “Germany’s Next Top Model” winner from 2014 is one of the most successful winners of the model show by Heidi Klum, 47, along with Lena Gercke, 32, and Barbara Meier, 34 they now love almost four million followers on Instagram.

And even Hollywood stars simply cannot resist our likeable Steffi. Even Leonardo DiCaprio, 46, was interested in the model – but Steffi ultimately decided on her future boyfriend, Marcus Butler, 29.

Stefanie Giesinger turns men’s heads at the AmfAR Gala

It’s not really surprising that Leo took his chance, after all, the actor is known for his love of supermodels. And so Stephanie reveals in her documentary “Her Story” by the way that she invited the “Titanic” star to one of his parties:

“When I met Marcus, I thought ‘Oh God, please stay away from me’. That was just kind of too much for me. But it was also really strange. I was at the AmfAR gala and was approached by so many men. I know not whether I released any endorphins that day or whether I looked particularly beautiful because of my dress. Even Leonardo DiCaprio had approached me and asked me ‘do you want to come to my party’ and male models and world-famous men came to me and all spoke to me I was like, ‘My God, that’s enough now, I just want to go home alone.’ “

Well, Steffi let go of the party, but Marcus was able to win her heart over that evening in May 2016. The two have been a couple for four years and are over the moon.

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