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Riddick 4: This is what Vin Diesel promises for Furya

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Riddick 4: This is what Vin Diesel promises for Furya

Vin Diesel in "Riddick - Chronicles of a Warrior".  When will the sequel finally come? "Riddick 4"?

Vin Diesel in “Riddick – Chronicles of a Warrior”. When will the sequel “Riddick 4” finally come?

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Updated: 03/19/2021 – 9:27 pm

Sometimes watchers of the “Riddick” franchise feel that star Vin Diesel is the only one trying to keep it alive. These are his plans for “Riddick 4: Furya”.

As an actor and producer, Vin Diesel is a stand-up man who is reluctant to leave behind the movie heroes he embodies. How else can you explain that he has played the mechanic and top international agent (don’t ask!) Dominic Toretto in eight “Fast & Furious” films (he only failed once in part 2)? Or that with “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” (2017) he not only came back to the franchise 15 years after the original and a sequel without him to play the legendary Xander Cage? Accordingly, there is no question that he will also have a third sequel to “Pitch Black” (2000) with “Riddick 4: Furya “would turn.

“Riddick 4”: How does it come to be continued?

When “Pitch Black” (2000) by director David Twohy was released, Vin Diesel was hardly known as a movie star and the extraterrestrial science fiction thriller was only received as a nice B-movie. Nobody would have thought that it would later become an elaborate franchise with two more parts, which would then revolve around the supporting character Riddick played by Diesel. The three “Riddick” films so far consist of “Pitch Black”, “Riddick – Chronicles of a Warrior” from 2004 and “Riddick” from 2013. The trilogy has not recorded as much as the “Fast and the Furious” series or the “xXx” series, but they enjoy cult status among genre fans. And they rightly ask themselves, where is “Riddick 4”?

Today, on March 19, 2021, the station VOX will again show “Riddick – Chronicles of a Warrior”, the second part on television. Fans of the series will surely watch the first sequel again. Vin Diesel will shine again as Riddick, an outlaw in the wild west of a distant galaxy who actually only wants to return to his home planet Furya. It is a home that has remained alien to him until now. “Riddick 4” is now subtitled “Furya” for a reason: The fourth part is supposed to take place entirely on this planet.

“Riddick 4” is in progress, but not finished

According to director David Twohy and Star VIn Diesel, “Riddick 4” is still in the works. But when it will actually be shot is currently uncertain. In fact, the planned start of shooting was already planned for 2017. But the date passed despite Diesel and Twohy’s assurances on social media that “Riddick 4” was definitely still to come. After that, it remained silent about the sequel until Vin Diesel posted a photo of the script for the sequel on Instagram in 2019.

Since then, however, a lot of time has passed, in which David Twohy was probably brooding over the script. According to Twohy, Vin Diesel should love the new version of the script and shooting could start in 2021. We don’t believe it until it really happens.

Vin Diesel also wants to shoot “The Last Witch Hunter 2”. And he even still has the time for an appearance in James Cameron’s “Avatar 2”.

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