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Much praise from husband John Krasinski

Emily Blunt receives praise from her husband. The director and actor John Krasinski sees her as “the most talented actress”.

the essentials in brief

  • John Krasinski praises his wife Emily Blunt.
  • The two worked together on the set of “A Quiet Place 2”.
  • Emily Blunt plays the leading role and John Krasinski directs.

John Krasinski (41) has praised his wife Emily Blunt (38) as “the most talented actress”. The couple have teamed up again for the horror sequel “A Quiet Place Part II”. Krasinski directed and wrote the script – Emily Blunt played the lead role.

John insists that his wife made all of the filming better for all of the cast and crew. In an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, he raved about the 38-year-old.

“The truth is I think she’s the most talented actress we have. I mean, she’s just the most amazingly talented person. But beyond acting, she’s just an amazing person on the set. The entire crew, everyone who is there, just loves it much more when they are on the set. “

John Krasinski also shared an insight into his life during the pandemic. One thing in particular bothered him: popcorn.

Krasinski admits that he became “addicted” to popcorn. His wife finally ordered him to stop snacking because he was gaining too much weight.

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