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Katy Perry feeds her dog vegan & is ridiculed by fans

After Katy has been vegan for four months, she has also changed the diet of Nugget and was sharply criticized on the Internet.


Birth and after-baby bodysuit
On August 26, 2020, Katy Perry’s water burst and she gave birth to her first daughter. But the musician did not want to sell the first photo of Daisy Dove Bloom to the highest bidder, but let UNICEF announce the birth and tried to inform her fans about countless families, mothers and newborns who cannot enjoy privileges.

“We are full of love and overjoyed about the arrival of our healthy daughter. But we also know that we are lucky because not everyone can experience a peaceful birth like ours. Communities around the world are still experiencing a lack of Healthcare workers and every eleven seconds a pregnant woman or newborn dies – mostly for reasons that could be avoided. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, even more newborns are at risk from lack of access to water, soap or medicine that can prevent disease. As parents of a newborn baby, this fact breaks our hearts and we sympathize with struggling parents even more. As UNICEF ambassadors of goodwill, we know that UNICEF does everything possible to ensure that every pregnant woman has access to trained health care workers and a high quality health system ”, it said among other things in de m post.

Perry himself had released her new studio album “SMILE” just two days before Daisy’s actual delivery and was not embarrassed to present her after-baby body on Instagram shortly afterwards. In the breast pump bra and XL panties, Katy also marked her team of make-up and hair, which had been styled from her “exhaustion” …

Vegan with a dog too
Shortly after Daisy’s birth, the “SMILE” singer turned her diet completely upside down and confessed in early 2021 that she would give up any animal products. Instead, she has been on a 95 percent vegan diet for a good four months and no longer gives her dog any meat to eat.

Her fans have not understood the world since then and told the musician that she shouldn’t eat vegan nugget and that it would be cruelty to animals …

According to Katy Perry, she is said to have encouraged her fiancé Orlando Bloom to change. “He’s always tried to get me to go hiking or yoga or a vegan diet with him. […] There is a balance. I think when you’ve fallen in love with someone, opposites attract and I was looking for that balance. “

During her pregnancy, the singer is also said to have not eaten beef and ate Impossible Burger, the company that uses plant-based meat and milk substitutes without animal ingredients for its products.

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