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Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: Is A # HeToo Movement Overdue?

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“A Liar and a Shame for Women”

Sound recordings shed new light on relationship drama

British media have released sound recordings to prove that Amber Heard is not a victim, but a perpetrator. She is said to have mistreated her then husband, actor Johnny Depp.

A war of roses has been raging between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for four years. Now there is a surprising twist. Sound recordings are supposed to prove that the actress is said to have hit her husband.

S.ou met in 2011 while filming “The Rum Diary”: Johnny Depp, then 48, and Amber Heard, 23 years younger. The wedding followed four years later, the separation a year later – and finally a violent war of the roses. Not one that was about real estate or money, but about reputation. The US actress repeatedly accused her ex-husband of abusing her – verbally and physically.

The two had initially settled their feud after the divorce. Depp paid Heard $ 7 million in an out-of-court settlement. In return, she withdrew her allegations. “There was never the intention to cause physical or emotional damage,” it said in a 2016 joint statement.

But the peace did not last long. In December 2018, Heard wrote a statement in the Washington Post, in which she shared her experiences as a victim of domestic violence. She didn’t mention any names, but it meant a lasting damage to the image of Hollywood star Depp. According to the Daily Mail, the lawsuit brought by him is said to have, among other things, focused on the loss of his role as Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Depp asked for $ 50 million in compensation and, in turn, accused Heard of being the perpetrator and of fabricating her injuries. Depp’s attorney, Adam Waldman, told USA Today, “The first video she made shows that Ms. Heard committed serial violence against Mr. Depp and then concocted an elaborate fraud to cover it up. Ms. Heard gives a motive for her violence: Mr. Depp always tried to separate to avoid her abuse. “

Consolation after a broken relationship

Johnny Depp with Amber Heard

Now audio recordings have emerged that allegedly come from a therapy session of the couple in 2015 and that the “Daily Mail” should have been leaked. They could be a big problem for Heard. You can hear how she admits to having beaten her ex-husband and pelted with objects.

Depp, however, has received a lot of support on social media. Fans and supporters are calling for #JusticeForJohnnyDepp. British comedian Tom Walker, better known as his fictional character Jonathan Pie, tweeted, “I hope those who immediately assumed Johnny Depp was guilty and spoke out publicly about it feel pretty shitty now.”

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The man as a victim of domestic violence does not correspond to the conventional assumption, but he does exist. The debate around it is quieter – without a hashtag campaign or political programs. However, a study for the British charity ManKind has shown that there is now statistically one male victim for every two female victims of physical violence by their partner. So is it time for a new hashtag? Some actually hold one on Twitter # HeToo movement overdue to prosecute women who make false accusations. You see yourself confirmed by the latest publication about the possible abuse of Johnny Depp.

In addition, there is now a demand on the Internet that the cosmetics group L’Oréal must quickly discontinue Amber Heard as a brand ambassador. “A liar and an abuser, a shame for women,” says a corresponding petition on change.org, which has currently received almost 3,500 signatures. In another such petition, Heard is accused of betraying the #MeToo movement: “Ms. Heard has nothing in common with people who are genuinely victims of domestic violence. She is known as an ambassador for women’s rights who speaks out against domestic violence, but ultimately she committed scams on ‘MeToo’. “

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