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Jennifer Lawrence: smooch date with new boyfriend

Jennifer Lawrence
Her new friend makes her shine

Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence finally looks happy again. GALA explains what makes their new relationship so strong

Going to have breakfast with your loved one, treat yourself to a massage in the spa, go shopping and later conjure up a delicious dinner: this is regularly on the agenda for Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, 28, and her boyfriend Cooke Maroney, 33. The couple recently showed up making out at an ice hockey game in Madison Square Garden and looked overjoyed.

Jennifer Lawrence: Did She Find The Right One?

Since the actress started dating the art dealer, her life has looked as normal as that of other couples. She’s finally found someone out of the spotlight. Her ex-boyfriends were all stars, but she was not happy with any of them: Jennifer’s great love, actor Nicholas Hoult, 28, wanted to make a career – they separated after five years. Coldplay singer Chris Martin, 41, wasn’t emotionally free for Jennifer after Gwyneth Paltrow. The liaison lasted five months. And director Darren Aronofsky, 49, was on the set of “Mother!” with his main actress, but after the shooting ended, this love affair was over.

Cooke Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence

Cooke Maroney, Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence + Cooke Maroney: The couple share a lot in common

The relationship with Cooke Maroney seems more promising. Jennifer Lawrence met the head of New York’s Gladstone Gallery, whose parents are both art dealers, in May through a mutual friend. They found a lot in common: Both grew up down-to-earth in rural areas – she in Kentucky, he on a farm in Vermont. Art education for children is important to her, which she supports with the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund. In the summer, the couple showed each other their favorite paintings in Paris and Rome. Maroney’s friends say, “Cooke is a laid back guy who doesn’t care about himself.” But the needs of his girlfriend all the more.


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