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He did that before his career as a politician – wmn

“The best way for our country is one CDU/ CSU-led federal government with Armin Laschet as Federal Chancellor, ”said the Prime Minister Angela Merkel in her speech in the Bundestag. The election campaign is drawing to a close, and so shortly before September 26th, not only is the drum buzzing – it is also being looked at to see where anomalies in the curriculum vitae of the candidate for chancellor can be found.

Armin Laschet’s vita is well known. He was born in Aachen on February 18, 1961, is married and has three children. He has been a member of the CDU. All of this is evident from the information on the party website. But to come across a few curious facts from the life of the Christian Democratic candidate for chancellor, you have to spend a little more research time. We took the trouble and found exciting things …

You didn’t know these 8 things about CDU boss Armin Laschet

At the age of 60, Armin Laschet already has a number of stages in his résumé. At the age of 28, he moved into the Aachen city council as the youngest councilor for the CDU. Five years later he won the direct mandate for the constituency of Aachen-Stadt in the federal elections. At the age of 56 he became Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and shortly before his milestone birthday, Laschet was elected federal chairman of the CDU. It has been certain since April: He is moving into the federal election in 2021 as a candidate for chancellor for the Union.

Such points from the vita can be found out pretty quickly. But what about the things that not everyone knows about Armin Laschet, but would perhaps make him more approachable or interesting for many voters? We found 8 curious things about the CDU boss that make him appear in a completely different light.

Armin Laschet didn’t always plan to become a politician. Credit: Imago / photothek

1. He stayed seated once

From 1971 to 1976 Armin Laschet attended the Rhein-Maas-Gymnasium in Aachen. There he did not reach the goal of the 9th grade, however. He then repeated the year because of his choice of foreign languages ​​(English and Latin) at the Bischöfliches Pius-Gymnasium. In 1981 he also passed his Abitur there.

2. Actually, he almost became a lawyer

After graduating from high school, Armin Laschet studied law and political science in Munich and Bonn. In 1987 he passed the first state examination in law. But he is not a fully qualified lawyer because Laschet decided on a different professional path.

By the way: There are also bizarre facts about the Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock.

3. He preferred to work as a journalist

Politicians often seem to be masters at saying very little. Armin Laschet was also recently accused of this. Critics say that his statements are often too vague. Reason enough for the two FDP members Lasch-o-mat to bring into being. With the tool, anyone can: generate typical Wischi-Waschi statements á la Laschet.

The CDU boss shouldn’t like that at all. After all, he is a trained journalist and can handle words very well. From 1987 to 1988 he completed a traineeship at the radio and then worked as a freelance journalist until 1994 for the Bavarian television. In his Linkedin-Profile, this time span is only noted under “various activities”.

By the way: Olaf Scholz was also accused of such arbitrarily made statements. You can read here what the SPD candidate for Chancellor says about the Scholz-o-mat allegations and what curious facts there are about him.

Married since 1985: Armin Laschet with his wife Susanne. Credit: Imago / Eventpress

4. He has known his wife since childhood

During his primary school years, Armin Laschet was part of the Burtscheider children’s and youth choir and there he met his future wife Susanne. The bookseller and the politician married in 1985 and still live in Aachen today. Together they have the children Eva, Julius and Johannes. We’ll get to the latter in a moment …

5. His son Joe is an influencer

We have just mentioned Johannes Laschet briefly. The oldest Laschet son has made a name for himself as a fashion influencer with the Joe Laschet account and certainly finds it more than flattering that users often refer to him as “the German Ryan Gosling”. 96,000 followers: Joe already has 20,000 more fans than his father – at least on Instagram.

6. The Internet is still uncharted territory for him

Well, can you still remember the famous sentence of the Chancellor? “The Internet is new territory for all of us,” said Angela Merkel at a press conference in 2013 and made for a lot of laughter from those who already understood the WWW. Armin Laschet is apparently not one of them. Because on Twitter he caused a lot of laughs with cryptic posts. So at the beginning of 2019 he dropped a simple “@”. A steep template for satirist Jan Böhmermann, who replied with “I understand your point.”

Not Laschet’s first slip on the keyboard. A few weeks earlier he tweeted “Vf bgrtbtb yt w. T“And left the Internet community at a loss. By the way, you can no longer read the pots. They were deleted shortly afterwards. That reminds us a little of Donald Trump and his “Covfefe” tweet.

7. He’s pretty sure of the lyrics when it comes to hits

Who would have thought that Armin Laschet is a real connoisseur of hits? He was particularly fond of the German hits of the 1970s. “I never learned that. But somehow it’s so deep, “said the CDU boss in April on the talk show 3 to 9 from Radio Bremen.

The family of CDU top candidate Armin Laschet when the first results were announced, from left the sons Julius, Johannes, father Heinz and his daughter Eva. Credit: Imago / Sven Simon

8. He has already been hired as an actor

In click on imdb shows: Armin Laschet could not only have made a career as a lawyer or journalist – no, even the film and television world was fond of him.

At least the director Jan Georg Schütte was from Tatort – The team full of praise for the politician. “Well prepared, text learned, spoken fluently – afterwards we joked that he – if he no longer likes politics at some point – a great career as an actor could flourish,” Schütte told der dpa. In the 1115th episode of crime scene In 2020, however, Laschet only played himself.

Disclaimer: We at wmn do not give any recommendations. It is completely up to each person what he or she wants to vote for in the federal election. All we want to do is inform and call for people to even go to the voting booth.

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