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Domestic violence: Honors for Johnny Depp meet with criticism

Sure, the war of the roses between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is dirty, both sides don’t give each other anything. Litigation has continued in various proceedings.

England’s “High Court” decided in 2020 that an English newspaper was allowed to call the actor “wife beater” with impunity, a woman pounder – Depp, according to the judge, finally assaulted his ex-wife a dozen times and three times in fear displaced for their lives. Corresponding claims by Sun were “essentially true”.

Among other things, this judge’s verdict, which BR24 also reported, is now taking Guardian an occasion to wonder about the behavior of two renowned film festivals. Domestic violence and the big stage – how do you get along?

First the Czech Republic, then Spain

The film festival in San Sebastián, Spain, announced that it would honor Depp for his life’s work in September – like Viggo Mortensen, Penélope Cruz and Judi Dench before.

Now the festival in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic has announced that Depp will roll out the red carpet – and that already at the end of August. Festival President Jiri Bartoska said it was a tremendous honor for him to be able to welcome this “icon of contemporary films” to the Czech Republic.

Depp is down with many

Both festivals did not even mention the disputes over Depp’s domestic violence, the newspaper wonders – even though the 58-year-old has already lost his role in “Fantastic Beasts” as a result of the legal dispute. In addition, the director Andrew Levitas accuses the MGM film company of deliberately withholding his film “Minamata” with Depp. The reason, of course: Its declining public reputation.

The San Sebastián Film Festival has been asked for an opinion, it is said at the end of the day Guardian. Neither from Spain nor from the Czech Republic, however, have so far been able to hear any classifying words about the conclusions to be drawn from the acts of violence attested to by the dork.

Does it matter if you are an abuser?

On the other hand, there has been clear criticism from the Association of Spanish Women Filmmakers: Depp’s honor is damaging the reputation of the San Sebastián Festival. Association President Cristina Andreu said she was very surprised by the announcement: “It throws a very bad light on the festival and its management and sends a terrible message to the public: ‘It doesn’t matter if you are an abuser as long as you are a good actor . ‘”

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