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Corporations and Celebrities Against Election Laws in Georgia

W.arren Buffett, Ariana Grande, Google, George Clooney, McKinsey – a diverse coalition of companies, top executives and celebrities from the entertainment industry have come together to protest against election laws currently being promoted in the United States by the Republican Party. In a double-sided advertisement, which was published in the “New York Times” among others, the signatories spoke out against “discriminatory legislation”, which makes it difficult for Americans who are eligible to vote to cast their votes.

With the high profile action, the American economy is increasing its pressure on the Republicans. At their instigation, a law was recently passed in the state of Georgia that provides for election restrictions. For example, it contains additional identification requirements, reduces the number of designated mailboxes for voting papers in some districts and prohibits the distribution of refreshments such as water bottles to people in the often very long queues in front of polling stations.

Trump calls for a boycott

Critics say the new rules put black people at a disadvantage, especially a group that votes for a majority of democrats. Similar changes to the electoral law are in the pipeline in Texas and a number of other states. The beverage company Coca-Cola and the airline Delta Air Lines have come out clearly against the law in Georgia, which has garnered heavy criticism from Republicans. Former President Donald Trump has called for a boycott of companies.

Two weeks ago, a group of 72 prominent black managers asked other companies to raise their voices in a newspaper ad. These managers included Kenneth Frazier, who runs the pharmaceutical company Merck & Co., and Kenneth Chenault, the former CEO of the credit card company American Express.

You are now also the initiators of the new campaign. They recruited a number of companies such as Google, McKinsey, Apple, General Motors and Starbucks, some top managers such as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella signed personally, and there were also celebrities from show business. In addition to Ariana Grande and George Clooney, the list also includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katy Perry.

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