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Chris Hemsworth tortures himself for an action sequel, but a lazy MCU colleague steals the show from him

Many Hollywood Instagram accounts have the aura of a strict but fair CrossFit coach (hello, Dwayne Johnson) and Chris Hemsworth also occasionally slips into muscle-warring posts. So does his latest one, in which he describes his training plan for the Sweaty preparation for the Netflix sequel Tyler Rake: Extraction 2 explains and demonstrates. A comment from his lazy Marvel colleague Josh Brolin comes in handy.

This is what Chris Hemsworth’s training for the action sequel Extraction 2 looks like

In the video released tonight, Chris Hemsworth hits a punching bag as if Thanos was hiding in it. He then does a number of other exercises that he lists in the post, including 50 squats and 25 push-ups. As Hemsworth nonchalantly notes, the whole thing is repeated four times, interrupted by gracious 2-minute pauses (not 3!).

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In view of this (daily?) Physical challenge, those gathered under the Thor actor’s post awesome comments from colleagues like Aquaman star Jason Momoa (quote: “boss”) and Marvel villain Jake Gyllenhaal (two (!) Flexed Biceps Emojis). Only one left.

Josh Brolin’s response to MCU colleague’s physical agony

Thanos and Cable-Mime Josh Brolin said what 6,285,120 of the 6,285,126 viewers of this video probably thought:

Damned! As soon as I have eaten this pizza, I’ll do it too!

Josh Brolin’s comment

Josh Brolin, whose Instagram presence has a pleasant relationship of grueling sauna sessions and lewd Thanos images offers, has unfortunately not yet posted a photo of his pizza. But of course we will keep you up to date.

When is Extraction 2 coming with Chris Hemsworth?

The shooting of Extracion 2 starts in the fall, like the director Sam Hargrave Collider Betrayed earlier this year.

On Netflix, the film could then open in April 2022, almost exactly 2 years after the start of the original. However, there is still no official information on this.

Are you looking forward to Extraction 2?

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