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15 creepy facts about the eccentric actor

In film circles, Nicolas Cage is considered an eccentric, often ridiculed but still cult. He is known for his passionate dedication to his craft. Most of all, the actor has a penchant for spending his hard-earned money on really stupid stuff. Here are some facts that make the creepy actor even more bizarre.

Weird, weirder, Nicolas Cage. The actor has a penchant for crazy things.

1. His buddy is Marilyn Manson

Nicolas Cage and shock rocker Marilyn Manson have been friends for years. Not only do the two look damn alike, they also share a passion for cats and bizarre collections. During the Corona Lockdown, the 57-year-old actor was even allowed to attend Manson’s wedding as the only guest. That came out recently during a conversation between the two for “”. Cage is said to have been the only connected guest via Facetime at the ceremony. In the end, both of Manson’s newly wed Lindsay Usich performed the Elvis Presley song “Love me Tender” with a karaoke machine.

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2. He slept in Dracula’s castle

During the 2011 promotional tour for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, actor Idris Elba recalled an incident while filming in Romania that demonstrated Cage’s dedication to his craft. One day when Elba noticed that Cage looked tired, he asked if he had rested. And this is said to have answered: “Yes man, I went up to Dracula’s castle, to the ruins in the mountains, and stayed there for the night. I had to channel the energy and it was pretty scary up there. ” The castle was believed to be Bran Castle in Transylvania, which may have been the inspiration for Dracula’s residence in the original Bram Stoker novel.

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3. Despite a fee of 150 million US dollars, Nicolas Cage is permanently bankrupt

In the course of his career, the once highest-paid actor is said to have received fees totaling 150 million US dollars between 1996 and 2011. However, due to his lavish lifestyle, Cage owed around $ 14 million in taxes in 2009. You ask how one can only spend so much money? For example, by buying private jets, palaces, castles, two islands or buying a dinosaur skull costing 230,000 euros, which we will get to later.

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4. He accidentally bought a stolen dinosaur skull

As mentioned before, Cage has a penchant for extravagant spending. At an auction in 2007 he beat Leonardo DiCaprio and bought for around 230,000 euros a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull. However, it turned out that the head had been stolen from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. The actor was forced to give his purchase to the Mongolian authorities so that they could return it to its rightful owner.

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5. His passion for collecting doesn’t stop at exotic animals

The “Leaving Las Vegas” star is said to be the owner of many exotic animal species. A shark, a crocodile, a two-headed snake (which he unbuttoned from a circus), a pair of rare albino cobras (worth 210,000 euros) and an octopus (125,000 euros) have lined up in his petting zoo. Cage revealed to his buddy Marilyn Manson during the joint interview for that he loved it “To surround myself with reptiles and fish and cats. I just bought a crow. His name is Huginn, after one of the two ravens of (the Norse god) Odin, and he’s amazing, ”said Cage. “He says“ Hello ”when I walk into the room and“ Bye ”when I leave. The other day he started laughing and called me an asshole. ” His love for exotic animals makes the actor perfect for his role as Joe Exotic known as Tiger King. In a new miniseries, Cage will show off the imprisoned, drug-consuming, polyamorous big cat owner.

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6. In addition to castles and exotic animals, he also collects morbid bells and whistles

Cage owns a collection of real shrunken dwarf heads as well as one Mummy hand with tattoos. The actor was once the proud owner of a prehistoric bear skull. This was accidentally destroyed while playing pool with Game of Thrones star Sean Bean.

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7. Lisa Marie Presley is said to have been just a trophy for the Elvis fan

And since we’re already at his passion for collecting: Cage is also an ardent Elvis Presley fan. He also paid tribute to the King in his films. Evil tongues claim that the daughter of the “King of Rock’n’Roll” is probably the greatest trophy in his Elvis collection. But he wanted to get rid of this treasure quickly. The two married in Hawaii in August 2002. Only 108 days later it was over again. Cage filed for divorce because of irreconcilable differences.

8. To write a horror story, he bought a famous haunted house

For a creepy prose you need a creepy ambience. So thought Nicolas Cage and bought LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans in 2007, as he told Vanity Fair in an interview. The former villa of the serial killer Madame Delphine LaLaurie is considered a much-visited haunted house. Unfortunately, he didn’t get very far with the novel. The always broke actor lost the horror house in 2009 through foreclosure.

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9. Nicolas Cage may be a vampire

When a look a like photo of a man from the 1870s with the title “Nicolas Cage is a vampire” appeared on eBay, the waves went up in the gossip papers. Because the man in the picture looked one to one like the actor. Cage finally took a position on the Letterman Show: “Now look, I don’t drink blood and the last time I looked in the mirror, I had a reflection,” he assured the talk show host.

10. The actor does not want to eat anything that mates in an unworthy manner.

While we are grappling with “low-carb” and “interval fasting”, Cage relies on the sex factor of animals in his diet. The actor told the UK Sun in 2010 that he only eats animals that would mate gracefully: “I choose the way I eat after the way animals have sex. I think fish are very dignified during sex. Birds too. But pigs, not so much. So I don’t eat pork or anything like that. I eat fish and poultry. ” Okaay.

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11. He shared magic mushrooms with his cat

Cage had a cat named Lewis when he started out as an actor. This was targeting his supply of magic mushrooms. Eventually, the “Ghost Rider” star decided that Lewis should take advantage of it, too. “I remember lying in my bed for hours,” said Cage, “and Lewis was lying on the desk across from the bed and for hours we stared at each other … without moving. And I had no doubt that he was my brother. ” No kidding, this anecdote was once told by Cage on David Letterman’s late night show.

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12. He likes superhero names

Nicolas Cage is an avowed fan of comics. Actually born as Nicolas Kim Coppola (yes, his uncle is THE Francis Ford Coppola), he later changed his name due to his love for the cartoon character Luke Cage. He also wants to make it in the film industry on his own, without the famous surname. Cage continued the tradition of superhero names on his second child and called it Kal-el, Superman’s cryptic name. By the way: his first son Weston Coppola “Arcane” Cage used to be in a black metal band and invented “Ghost Metal”.

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13. He bought a pyramid tomb

At St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans there is a three meter high pyramid tomb with the Latin maxim “Omni Ab Uno” (all from one). The grave below should not be occupied at the moment. But it is obvious that Nicolas Cage will leave to rest there at some point. He bought the grave site in 2010 and the robbers built a safe pyramid on it.

14. He gives everything for art

Cage always shows full commitment in his roles. In “Vampire’s Kiss” (1988), for example, he ate a live cockroach in front of the camera. For the film “Birdy” (1984) he had a tooth pulled, supposedly without anesthesia. Cage himself once stated that for his acting he had a developed his own method, which he calls “Nouveau Shamanic”. In his role for “Ghost Rider”, the animal lover took inspiration from his cobra. He explained that the snake would try to hypnotize someone by moving from side to side. And that’s exactly what Cage did to his character before attacking.

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15. His passion for overacting was his undoing

He is both panned and celebrated for his films and presentations. His passion for “overacting” almost came to his undoing on the set of “Peggy Sue Got Married” (1986). The reason was Cage’s bizarrely high voicehe imagined for his role as Charlie. Even Uncle Francis Ford Coppola didn’t want to participate and almost fired him.

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