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▷ For Men’s Health’s 25th Anniversary: ​​Film Star Chris Hemsworth shares tips for more …

04/14/2021 – 12:07 pm

Motor Presse Hamburg MEN’S HEALTH

For the 25th birthday of Men & # 039; s Health: Film star Chris Hemsworth gives tips for a better quality of life

Hamburg (ots)

The anniversary edition for the 25th birthday of the men’s magazine MEN’S HEALTH, available from today, is sure to delight many women. Because in the cover story, the film star and woman magnet Chris Hemsworth reveals how he organizes his athletic training in order to be fit for his parade role as the Nordic god of thunder, and what makes a good life for him: “Work from home, be with your family . ” And so he moved back to his native Australia with his family – convinced that the film productions would follow him. “My gut told me it was going to work,” he told MEN’S HEALTH. In fact, both the recently filmed Netflix production “Escape from Spiderhead” and part 4 of the “Thor” series were shot Down Under.

Chris Hemsworth, who in addition to his fitness tips also reveals his vice (chocolate and mint ice cream), is in good company in the birthday edition of MEN’S HEALTH: In the twelve-page anniversary extra, 25 experts share their knowledge and their best tricks on fitness, food, health and psychology and style price – the thematic range of the magazine from the first issue on. World-class triathlete Jan Frodeno (Olympic champion and three-time Ironman winner) describes how to motivate yourself to top performance, TV star chef Steffen Henssler reveals professional strategies for saving time in the kitchen, and Instagram star André Hamann advocates regularly using conscious digital technology -Detox clear your head.

The launch of MEN’S HEALTH in Germany in May 1996 was a sensation. A magazine for men dealing with health was considered extremely daring. But the concept of presenting all topics with in-depth information and with a twinkle in the eye worked and has remained the journalistic guideline to this day. The readers know: It’s also about muscles and the famous six-pack – but above all it’s about achieving a better quality of life. “In this respect a lot has developed in the past 25 years, and we are proud to have contributed a little”, says the editor-in-chief of MEN’S HEALTH, Arndt Ziegler, who has been a member of the editorial team for more than ten years, in the current podcast of the magazine We make the best of it. “The life of men has clearly gotten better in the last 25 years. More diverse and freer. Completely new roles are also possible beyond the macho, the doer, the breadwinner. This has a lot to do with the fact that the social role of women has also been strengthened And MEN’S HEALTH certainly made a contribution to sharpening a modern image of men during this time. ”

MEN’S HEALTH came onto the market for the first time in April 1996 and is published by the Motor Presse Hamburg publishing house, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Motor Presse Stuttgart. The brand has resulted in several special editions such as MEN’S HEALTH BEST FASHION and MEN’S HEALTH DAD, as well as the sister title WOMEN’S HEALTH, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month.

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