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The best Adam Sandler in years ·

Adam Sandler fans and film lovers alike can look forward to a special Netflix highlight in January 2020.

Every year of jubilee Adam Sandler takes a break from his numerous comedies and devotes himself to the great art of film. In 2002, for example, he amazed with a skilful performance in the tragic comedy “Punch-Drunk Love” and only in 2017 did he convince again in the Netflix film “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)”. If you like this page from Sandler, you can look forward to a special jewel: “The Black Diamond” starts on January 31, 2020 in Germany exclusively on Netflix.

But even those who don’t necessarily like Adam Sandler as an actor should obviously give crime comedy a chance. After all, the film has been acclaimed by critics in the USA for some time. At Rotten Tomatoes, “The Black Diamond” received an outstanding 91 percent positive reviews and at Metacritic the work also impressed with a remarkable rating of 90.

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Adam Sandler wants to make a bad movie next because of the Oscar failure

In addition, Adam Sandler was even considered a candidate for an Oscar for Best Actor for some. In the end, to the displeasure of some observers, it wasn’t even enough for a nomination. At the Golden Globes, he also went completely empty-handed and did not even make it into the narrower field of candidates. Nevertheless, his performance in “The Black Diamond” is highlighted as one of the highlights of the film.

Adam Sandler himself announced in advance that he would make a really bad film on purpose if he doesn’t win an Oscar for his latest work. Whether he actually wants to hold on to it remains unclear for the time being. However, the actor already reacted to his disregard and drew a positive conclusion: After all, he no longer has to wear suits.

This is what “The Black Diamond” is all about

For “The Black Diamond” Adam Sandler slipped into the role of the jeweler Howard Ratner. He expects the big coup thanks to a delivery, thanks to a black opal that is said to be worth a million US dollars. Before he can auction the precious gem, however, he meets NBA player Kevin Garnett (who plays himself). He wants the opal as a good luck charm for his next game and in return gives Howard his championship ring as a deposit.

After the unusual deal, Howard pursues his great hobby: sports betting. However, this creates problems, because the jeweler gambled away massively and got trouble from debt collectors from several directions. You can find out whether he can settle all his debts in time in “The Black Diamond” from January 31, 2020 on Netflix.

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