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Netflix is ​​making four new films with Adam Sandler ·

Adam Sandler has already produced a number of films for Netflix. A new contract is intended to extend this successful collaboration.

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  • Born: 09.09.1966 in Brooklyn, New York USA
  • Jobs: Actor, producer, speaker, screenwriter

Adam Sandler is currently on everyone’s lips. Just recently, in Germany on January 31, 2020, the film “The Black Diamond” was released on Netflix, in which Sandler plays the jeweler Howard Ratner, who is getting increasingly involved in sports betting, of course not in his favor. The film has received high praise in the United States so far, apparently a reason for Netflix to continue working with the actor.

As reported by Variety, Netflix announced on January 31, 2020 that the contract with Adam Sandler, who is also the founder of the production company Happy Madison Productions, had been extended for four more films. That this extension came about is not so surprising. Sandler’s first contract with Netflix came into being in 2014 and the second in 2017. So far, these have resulted in the films “The Ridiculous Six” (2015), “The Do Over” (2016), “Sandy Wexler” (2017), “Die Woche” (2018) ) and “Murder Mystery” (2019).

In addition to “The Black Diamond”, other highlights will appear on Netflix in 2020. You can see what these are here:

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Netflix’s secret of success is Adam Sandler

Netflix’s programming director Ted Sarandos stated (via Variety) that the subscribers to the streaming service have watched the films produced by Sandler for over two billion hours since 2015, since the release of “The Ridiculous Six”:

“Our members cannot get enough of him […]. They love his stories and his humor as we do at Murder mysteryhave seen. So I couldn’t be more excited to extend our collaboration with Adam and the Happy Madison team and bring out more laughter around the world. “

The Twitter account “Netflix Is A Joke” referred to it and wrote: “You have watched Adam Sandler’s films for 2 billion hours, which is good because he will do a few more!”

“Murder Mystery” was actually a complete success for Netflix. Already after the first three days it was viewed by almost 30.9 million subscribers. The fact that Netflix continues to rely on the king of comedy can only be good.

It is not yet known which films Sandler will make for Netflix under the new contract. This year we can still expect the family comedy “Hubie Halloween” in which we will see the actor alongside his well-known colleagues Kevin James and Rob Schneider. However, this film is part of the previous contract. There is also an animated film from this, for which the actor not only takes on a synchronous role, but also the script and the production. We are definitely curious to see what Adam Sandler will bring out on Netflix in the next few years.

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