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Hugh Jackman poses with his mother

Hugh Jackman (52) has had to go through a few hard strokes of fate in his life. Not only did the actor develop cancer, he also has a difficult family history.

Today, Hugh has a good relationship with his mother, which he now proves through a joint Instagram post. But it wasn’t always like that: for a long time there was a deep gulf between him and his mother.

That’s why Hugh Jackman’s mother left the family

Hugh’s parents came to Australia from the UK. Together with them and his four siblings, he grew up Down Under. When the actor was eight years old, however, his mother decided to return to the UK – without her family.

Hugh told the Australian Women’s Weekly a few years ago: “For many years I thought this wasn’t going to be forever, so I stuck with that idea. By the time I was twelve or thirteen, I thought mom and dad would get back together“.

Finally understanding that it wasn’t going to happen was probably the toughest time for me“, He continued. He felt like an outsider and was worried, “people talking about you and staring at you because it was unusual for a mother to leave a family“.

He can now understand why his mother did that: “She was in the hospital after I was born and suffered from postnatal depression. There was simply no support for them here. “

Hugh Jackman: Being a father himself helped him

I never thought – and that may sound strange – that my mother didn’t love me“He also said and added that through his job as a father he has learned to understand his mother and to take a step towards her.

His wife Deborra-Lee Furness, who has been married since 1996, certainly helped him with this.

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