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Emily Blunt concealed pregnancy |

Emily Blunt
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Because she was a little blown away on the set of “Girl On The Train”, colleagues suspected that Emily Blunt was drinking too much …

Hiding a pregnancy can sometimes have unexpected consequences. For a long time, Emily Blunts, 33, co-workers on the Girl On The Train set, thought the actress was drinking too much. “I was tired all the time, that’s not normal for me. And people thought that I had started to drink a lot to get closer to my film character,” the 33-year-old told the Daily Mail. However, she did not want to use her pregnancy as an excuse to fail, so she hadn’t told anyone about it.

Justin Theroux caught Emily Blunt

Only her film partner Justin Theroux knew – and only because he had guessed it. In some scenes, Blunt was not quite there. For some shots she was a “coward”, which is usually not her style. This is how Theroux discovered her secret.


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