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Cryptocurrencies: is Cardano overtaking Ethereum? – Financial news on Cash.Online

According to a survey by, a majority of market watchers expect Cardano to outperform competitor Ethereum in terms of market capitalization.

Ethereum (ETH) currently has a market capitalization of around 439 billion US dollars, whereas in the case of Cardano (ADA) it is 84 billion dollars. As a new infographic from shows, however, 54.4 percent of market observers * are of the opinion that Cardano will overtake Ethereum in terms of market capitalization.

Cardano was recently one of the trend cryptocurrencies par excellence: within the last 365 days, the price climbed by a brilliant 3,102 percent. In the case of Bitcoin, the gain in the same period is around 410 percent, while Ethereum has an increase of 1,078 percent. Small investors in particular seem to be increasingly relying on Cardano these days.

As the infographic shows, 30.56 percent of eToro users invest in Cardano, while Ethereum’s share is 31.41 percent – the large gap in market capitalization could also suggest a larger gap in ownership. For companies, however, Ethereum still dominates in applications beyond investments. If Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has his way, this could change in the near future.

Google search engine data shows, on the one hand, that there are still more interested people looking for “Ethereum” and, above all, “Bitcoin” than for Cardano. However, the search queries for the two most valuable cryptocurrencies decreased recently, whereas the relative search volume in the case of Cardano increased significantly. However, there is also a significant increase in the average daily trading volume: At Cardano this was still 1.5 billion dollars in July, whereas this was already an average of 8 billion dollars in August.

If you compare the Twitter posts on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano, then here too the momentum speaks most strongly in favor of the latter digital currency. As the infographic shows, at Cardano 24.18 percent of tweets were recently with positive connotation, 71.36 percent neutral and only 4.45 percent negative. For comparison: with Ethereum, the proportion of posts with a negative undertone was 6.36 percent.

Hasan Sheikh
Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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