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Chucky – series poster gathers the victims of the killer doll!

You can rely on this little killer! While other slasher icons like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees like to take longer breaks Chucky actually never really gone. Only the way in which the killer doll pays us visits today has changed slightly over the years and has adapted to market conditions.

Formerly a pure cinema series, the barely seventy centimeter tall plastic nightmare on two legs (iconic: the shrill voice of Brad Dourif) is now mainly at home in the home theater and with direct to video productions such as Cult of Chucky or Curse of Chucky a welcome and profitable permanent guest on the retailer shelves.

That you now also dare to jump into television? Actually only consistent and the next logical step. And that’s exactly what franchise creator Don Mancini is doing on behalf of Syfy and the USA with his sequel to the series, which is due to start on Halloween (October 12, 2021) Chucky!

A series-length Chucky adventure

It has a decisive advantage for fans in its luggage: While Chucky’s previous campaigns were limited to ninety minutes, this time an entire small town has to tremble under the never-ending attacks of the killer doll – and that for a full eight hours!

And if you now fear that the TV port could have a detrimental effect on Chucky’s usual hard pace, we can take the wind out of your sails at this point:

Chucky gets youthful support to the side. © Syfy / USA Network

It’s like Syfy on the official poster proclaimedto create a classic “Coming of Rage“-Story, but neither in terms of violence nor language was saved. Were in only one way Chucky: The series small, bearable shackles put on: Don Mancini had to go with him only ten F-bombs (expletives with the word Fuck) per episode.

For Mancini, basically more than enough: “Before we got the show on sale, I wanted to make sure that we were on the same level and that Syfy and USA set the tone that our viewers wanted Chucky expect, understand. Chucky gets ten F-bombs per episode. “

Chucky has no mercy again

For comparison: Steven Spielberg had a PG-13 release Ready Player One only a single F-Bomb available and used that on the cameo of Chucky! The series is the exact opposite of that, says Mancini. “Ten is more than enough. I would have loved to do an episode in which Chucky simply looks into the camera at the end without any context and starts: “F”, f “, f”, f “, f”, f “, f”, f “, f -. ‘”

Even the murders are not neglected, should be on the usual high ChuckyMove level. Finally, Syfy’s calls Chucky-Series half the franchise family on the scene. With old enemies and companions like Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), Nica (Fiona Dourif) or Chucky’s wedded Tiffany (since Chucky and his bride inseparable: Mancini and Jennifer Tilly), all of whom have been confirmed for the series, the bloodbath is almost inevitable!

The new look? Clearly inspired by Chucky 2. © Syfy / USA Network

This is how the first series appearance begins

So don’t worry if yours Chucky-Icons in the first trailer not yet seen – they are there and just waiting to be allowed to strike again! Above all, Chucky makes life difficult for one person: When Junior (Teo Briones) picks up an old Goodguy doll in a garage sale, he has no idea what horror he brings on himself and the residents of his hometown. The doll exerts pressure on the innocent teenager, harnesses him for his own purposes.

Suddenly secrets come to light that would have been better kept hidden and turn the idyllic small town life upside down. Because almost every one of them has their own bodies buried in the basement, and Chucky is about to bring them all to the surface – whether they like it or not.

The only downer: a German start date can Chucky – The Series not yet available. However, the chances that the Syfy format will find its way to us parallel to the American TV premiere on October 12, 2021 are good!

A real coming of Rage-Story. © Syfy / USA Network

Written on 09/07/2021 by Torsten Schrader

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