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After mourning a bulldog: Reese Witherspoon has a new dog

Reese Witherspoon (44) has had an addition to the family! A few days ago, the actress turned to her fans with sad news: her French bulldog Pepper died as a result of an aggressive cancer. Together with her loved ones, the “Naturally Blond” actress said goodbye to the cute fur nose. But now could Reese welcome a new puppy to their home: The Witherspoon family has a dog again!

That shared Reese ‘ Daughter Ava Phillippe (21) now Instagram with. In her post, she posted several snapshots of her new pet, which she named Benji. “The day we lost Pepper happened to be the day I brought this cute guy home with me”the blonde explained. It was actually planned that Benji would be Pepper’s playmate. Unfortunately, the two never got to know each other, as the bulldog died the day Benji became part of the family.

Your new dog comes from a rescue organization. “He loves to cuddle and meet new friends (humans and dogs) and quickly got used to life in his new surroundings”, told Ava about the little rascal. He is the happiest and smartest dog. She was so grateful to have him in her life, she said of her great joy over the new family member.

Reese Witherspoon’s dog Benji
Benji, pet of the Witherspoon family
Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon, March 2019



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