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Will ex-Batman actors change sides? Christian Bale is supposed to play in Thor 4

Marvel wants to bring Christian Bale into the MCU for the first time for “Thor 4”. It is still a secret which role the former Batman actor will play alongside the god of thunder. Maybe he’ll become a superhero – or maybe a villain after all?

That Marvel Cinematic Universe receives a prominent addition: While Robert Pattinson is in front of the camera as the new Batman actor for DC, his predecessor from the legendary “Dark Knight” films by Christopher Nolan changes sides and closes Marvel’s Thor 4 at.

The contract has not yet been signed, but if Marvel manages to win the Oscar winner for the next cinema adventure, we can expect great things. Whether as a new superhero on the side of the god of thunder, or maybe even as a new opponent of the Avengers? It will be interesting to see what director Taika Waititi has come up with for the actor.

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Natalie Portman returns as a female Thor

In “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” Natalie Portman will be there again in addition to Chris Hemsworth’s return as the god of thunder. In the first two Thor films she portrayed the astrophysicist Jane Foster and Thor’s ex-lover. In the fourth part, she herself becomes a superhero for the first time and is also allowed to swing the hammer.

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At the 2019 San Diego Comic-Com, the actress was completely surprising as new god of thunder revealed. Your character is based on the comic book templates, in which Jane Foster is considered worthy to lead the hammer Mjolnir and in the future the title Mighty Thor wearing. Director Taika Waititi has now clarified:

“She is a fool. There is also the other gate, the original gate. Her name is not Female Thor. In the comics she is called the mighty Thor. That’s from the comics. I couldn’t be happier or more excited. “

We can see how she will find her way into her new role next year at the latest when “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” hits cinemas on November 5, 2021.



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