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Why Khloé Kardashian’s deleted bikini picture was so important

Khloé Kardashian had an unedited bikini image of himself removed from the Internet. It would have been a good moment, to be honest – thinks our author Elena Dangel

A photo of Khloé Kardashian was posted on her Instagram a few days ago. It was not retouched. It disappeared quickly, but too slowly for the Internet, of course. A shot like this shouldn’t be anything special. Especially since she looked normal and beautiful in the bikini picture (you can still see it here). The story should actually have been: finally a look at her real body. But that’s not how the story goes. A few days later, Khloé explained the quick deletion of the photo with her disturbed self-image. That’s honest, but not very helpful.

Does she have to be slim like her sisters?

For twenty seasons we could watch Khloé in “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” from the allegedly unattractive sister to the beautiful swan. According to the popular ideal, Khloé may not be as attractive as her sisters, but I always liked that very much. Nevertheless, I watched her over the years as she, as a reality star, left nothing out to achieve her personal goal: to be slim and attractive like her sisters.

Khloé Kardashian has a shifted conception of her body

Khloé always struggled with her label: the “ugly sister”. Anyone who criticizes the family for their many cosmetic surgeries should not call Khloé that. It is precisely such classifications that are the obvious problem of your shifted conception of your body. Anyone who has been doing gymnastics in public for so many years can actually only get a little crazy. It would be a compassionate story if it weren’t for that much money. Because Khloé has earned a golden nose by marketing diet products. For example tea for weight loss.

The picture was erased record-breaking

And lawyers are paid by this huge amount of money to have the bikini picture removed from the Internet at an impressive rate. That surprised me because a) I didn’t think it would work and b) wouldn’t there be completely different things that should then be deleted? I can only imagine what the lawyers’ juicy letter must have said that even the toughest celebrity sites removed the picture. It was allegedly put online by her grandmother or an assistant. That is not entirely proven. It was taken at a pool party and the only weird thing is, your skin looks like skin. A sight we are no longer used to from the ironed-out bodies and faces of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

Filter is not make-up

In her statement, later published on Instagram, she writes about the enormous pressure, that weighs on her. How she tries every day to live up to the beauty standards allegedly imposed on her by society. For her, filters are like good make-up, beautiful fingernails and neat hair. A means of making you feel better. Besides, it’s all her decision anyway.

It could have been a great moment

I can only shake my head. This constant glorification and overconfidence with which these women still think today that their problems are those of the general public. No they are not. With honesty and a clear statement about cosmetic surgery, you would add a lot more to society. We cannot deny the Kardashians and thus also Khloé their right to exist. They have influenced the last decade too much for that. I have to approve of the way they made their problems open and cheated in front of an assembled team of lovers, made fun of friends and survived family tragedies. But Khloé only showed once more how unworldly their behavior is. If the allegedly unattractive sister would show herself without a filter, when the rest of the family does not appear without a filter, she would have received a lot of applause. Now a bitter aftertaste remains.

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