We are hyped! From Lizzo’s current manicure. The singer is currently into so-called “marble nails” – and we really want to try the nail trend now!

It just looks just hot!

“Marble Nails” inspired by Lizzo

When it comes to nails, singer Lizzo unpacks her absolute A-Game every time – her latest look: so-called “Marble Nails”. As the name suggests, marble look is conjured up on the nails. And there are no limits to the imagination, because the look can look completely natural – like with Lizzo:

… or be designed a little more conspicuously:

Either way, this nail trend is an absolute eye-catcher. Whether in shades of rose, in delicate white or strikingly colorful, pretty much anything is allowed with “Marble Nails”. If you want to test the trend yourself, you have to practice a bit, because the look is not necessarily suitable for doing yourself. The best thing to do is to make an appointment at the nail salon you trust.

Marble look in rose quartz look

For Lizzo’s hot nail design Incidentally, nail artist Eri Ishizu is responsible. She not only designed the rose quartz look marble nails for the singer, but also created several other hotte nail designs for her.

That Eris nail art is an absolute dream is no longer a secret in Hollywood. Stars like J.Lo and Anne Hathaway also swear by their designs.