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Actor Christian Bale is said to be about to make his debut in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. As Collider reports, Bale is in negotiations for a role in Thor: Love and Thunder to take over. However, specific details about the role have not yet been released. For Bale, it would be the first role in a comic book adaptation since his third appearance as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

The filming of Thor’s fourth solo adventure will take place in Australia. Chris Hemsworth takes on the role of the god of thunder again and Tessa Thompson takes on the role of Valkyrie again. There will also be a reunion with Natalie Portman as Jane Forster. The actress will probably also slip into a superhero costume herself and swing the hammer Mjölnir as a female Thor.

Taika Waititi is again active as a director. Waititi had the franchise with them Thor: Decision day and given the god of thunder a more humorous touch. This apparently paid off at the box office, as the third Thor film was by far the most successful of the series.

Should Christian Bale join the MCU, it will be a while before fans see his cinema debut. The German theatrical release of Thor: Love and Thunder is planned for October 28, 2021.

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