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This photo is proof of the love comeback>entertainment>

June 16, 2021 – 10:14 am clock

No sheet fits between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

After their vacation together in Montana and the togetherness in Miami, there was already fierce speculation about a love comeback. Now there really is no longer any doubt: Ben Affleck (48) and Jennifer Lopez (51) were caught kissing in public for the first time. The turtle pictures of the newly in love couple are in the video.

Here the food becomes a minor matter

Actually, Ben and Jennifer wanted to celebrate the 50th birthday of J.Los sister Lynda’s with an extensive dinner in Malibu, as “Page Six” reports. The 48-year-old Hollywood star and his new, old flame J.Lo seem to have brought a lot of hunger with them – but more for each other than for food. The Latina tenderly places her hands on Ben’s face and shoulders and passionate kisses ensue.

In the video: Couple photo of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared

J.Los mom gave her blessing – in the casino

The fact that Bennifer 2.0 is now officially a reality is also thanks to the blessing of J. Los Mama Guadalupe Lopez (75). After all, Ben recently met his future mom-in-law for a casino date. Well, as the saying goes: old love doesn’t rust. (ngu)

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