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Nvidia brings dedicated graphics card for Ethereum mining

Nvidia graphics card for Ethereum mining. (Image: Codefordl / Zhihu)

Nvidia is apparently working on a new dedicated graphics card for Ethereum mining. According to initial tests, the CMP 170HX should achieve a hashrate of around 164 megahashes per second.

In February, Nvidia announced dedicated chips for mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and halved the hashrate for Geforce cards in view of the exorbitant prices that were being called for its graphics cards. The CMP chips (Cryptocurrency Mining Processors) bring a hashrate of up to 90 megahashes per second, depending on the version. With the CMP 170HX, Nvidia should soon bring another dedicated graphics card onto the market, which should reach up to 164 megahashes.

Ethereum mining: first own Nvidia design

Unlike before, Nvidia does not use a Turing or Ampere generation gaming GPU for the CMP 170HX, according to leaked photos by Zhihu user Codefordl, but rather decommissioned GA100 GPUs. The card should get by without display connections and functionality for games, as PC-Games-Hardware writes. The new model is also said to be the first card from Nvidia specially designed for mining.

Nvidia built in the CMP 170HX GA100 GPU with 4,480 Cuda cores. For comparison: the GA100 with the A100 accelerator usually has 6,912 cores. The chips clock at 1.14 to 1.41 gigahertz, which, according to Golem, saves energy. Nvidia specifies 250 watts here. Instead of 40 or 80 gigabytes of memory, the CMP 170HX comes with just eight gigabytes of memory (HBM2e). However, this is sufficient for the DAG file required for Ethereum mining.

CMP 170HX: Up to 164 megahashes per second

The data transfer rate, which is rather important for mining, is just under 1.5 terabytes per second. In Ethereum mining, the Nvidia CMP 170HX is said to achieve a hashrate of up to 164 megahashes per second, according to initial tests of the Ethash algorithm. That comes quite close to 200 megahashes per second, but this mark should hardly be achievable. In order to prevent the graphics card from being used for purposes other than crypto mining, Nvidia has equipped the PCI-E interface with only 4 instead of 16 possible lanes. Nothing is currently known about prices or a launch date.

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