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He’s the best that can happen to Marvel competition

Batman and Superman could howl in competition. For years there has been a search for ways to successfully bring the two protectors and their DC universe back onto the screen – in vain. A large, connected franchise failed with the Justice League flop of 2017.

Individual works with a personal signature such as Joker were not the solution either. After Zack Snyder was allowed to switch off the light in the old DCEU with a four-hour epic, now the rescue is to come. And muscle king Dwayne Johnson will lead them in the upcoming Black Adam movie.

Dwayne Johnson founds Muscle Verse for the Marvel competitor

A real direction in the DC screen world was ultimately not recognizable. The monstrous shadow of the multiverse wafts vaguely through DC announcements. Fans are wondering which of the upcoming 3 (!) Batman variants will be the first to bless the time. Suicide Squad director James Gunn got carte blanche for all figure deaths, because without a higher-level franchise dramaturgy, there is no need for survivors.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Batman is divided into three parts and Superman is still a long way off: Neither of the two DC alpha animals could usher in a new franchise era. But if the Marvel competitor is serious about another DCEU attempt, all producer eyes should be on Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. And there are good reasons for that.

Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson’s antihero is the ideal DCEU hub

As Dwayne Johnson likes to emphasize in megalomania, Black Adam will usher in a new hierarchy of power in the DC Universe. This is not just hot air: In fact, Black Adam’s powers are hardly inferior to those of Superman and Shazam and are likely to become the greatest threat on the screen for heroes and villains in years.

So Adam is not just some super boy who ran along, but a demigod who could just trigger the third world war. Purely for franchise planning, however, many other DC characters can be connected to his character: he fights almost as often with Superman as with Shazam, has already met Batman and the Justice League. He’s even run into the Suicide Squad.

One of Black Adam’s great archenemies: Superman

It is already clear that certain franchise hopes for DC will culminate in Black Adam: It is not without reason that the Justice Society of America (JSA), an older Justice League counterpart, will compete against Dwayne Johnson and thus for the time being the previous DC all-star Replace team.

Dwayne Johnson craves his own DC franchise

In order for such a rejuvenation treatment to be successful, an actor must of course be found who has the necessary breath and prestige to effortlessly shoulder a whole series of films. Someone like Ben Affleck or Henry Cavill: DC’s reflection for Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. Dwayne Johnson is the ideal candidate.

Even with his first incarnation of Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns, Johnson, who was just plunging into his film career with ardent zeal, showed a flair for building a franchise. Bombastic action blockbusters with transferable characters and endlessly expandable stories are exactly his thing. If he had tasted blood on the Fast & Furious series, he built his own corner of the film series with Hobbs & Shaw.

Greedy for Franchises: Dwayne Johnson (right) in Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Jumanji, Jungle Cruise, Baywatch or Rampage: Firecracker with lovable characters who can experience endless adventures: The Rock doesn’t seem to think in terms of films, but franchises. His own DC character should have been the fulfillment of a dream and will still present him with completely new challenges. But he is always up to them.

Dwayne Johnson is a career machine and the perfect DC backbone

The Rock pursues his acting career like a perfectly oiled, never slack career machine. He is notorious for his well-timed work processes, the absolute devotion to the physical demands of the role and the success with the fans. He produces many of his films himself, carefully plans the next steps and maintains creative control. Johnson doesn’t make films, he builds an empire.

If his Internet videos are to be believed, Johnson has long since forgotten that he’s not a true DC superhero. In 20 years of his career he has acted in 43 films, produced several series, lent his voice to game characters, brought out fitness items, his own energy drink, a clothing line and a tequila brand.

Can DC and Warner keep up with Johnson’s muscle mania?

This makes him the ideal figurehead for a new DC era in the cinema. Johnson pursues franchises like a bloodhound and with Black Adam got the chance of a big hit. In addition, the figure can be used as a hook for various new cinema stories.

The only question is whether the producers of DC and Warner won’t be too strenuous with Johnson as the driving force. Once he stands in front of the cart, he can no longer be stopped, as with weightlifting: No pain, no gain, and lazy rubbish will not be accepted. The DC muscle verse is then unstoppable.

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Are you looking forward to Black Adam?

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