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“Havana” -Camila Cabello breaks down in success: “I need therapy”


Camila Cabello is broken by success: “I need therapy”

From Samira Schubert

Havana – Camila Cabello (24, “Call me Señorita”) has fame through her music, happiness in love with boyfriend Shawn Mendes and a life some can only dream of. Even so, not everything is going well in the Cuban-American singer’s life.

Camilla Cabello is a successful singer - but the hype also has its negative sides.

Camilla Cabello is a successful singer – but the hype also has its negative sides. © Isabel Infantes / PA Wire / dpa

We already know how much she misses Havana from the world-famous song by the pop icon.

But her heart is also heavy because of other things: Camila Cabello confessed to the Sun in an interview that it had not been easy for her for a long time.

The reason for this was not a heartache, because with Shawn Mendes (23) everything runs so harmoniously, as the “Señorita” sings about in her romantic songs together with the solo artist.

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Instead of stressing out with guys, Camila had to gnaw at something else: “I felt so burned out,” she complained about the time before the lockdown. “And I was always under tension.”

The corona pandemic is said to have made her think more about herself and brood. She realized that she should listen to herself more, that she was overburdened with stress.

“That was just too much, it wasn’t good for me. I felt like I was running with a broken leg. But I kept repressing it.” There is also another side to musical success – while appearance after appearance, Cabello hardly had any air to think about the things that preoccupy her.

The Cuban-American singer needed a break. The pandemic gave her the stop button. “I said to myself, ‘I can’t go on like this. I need therapy.” Your emotional burden seems to be better now. Or at least Cabello has now found the right drug for it. She wants to take the time to be healthy and happy – both in relationships and at work.

Camila Cabello on Dirty Talk with Shawn Mendes: “Scared me to death!”

The close relationship with singer Shawn Mendes also gives the singer support.

The close relationship with singer Shawn Mendes also gives the singer support. © Daniel Deslover / ZUMA Wire / dpa

So no more stressful work-from-home for the ex-fifth harmony singer? “Nobody but me knows when I will reach my own limit, so I have to take care of myself,” said the Grammy Award winner.

Camila doesn’t have to worry about her career anyway: after she had one hit after the next with Fifth Harmony, her solo career has so far been crowned by one success after the next.

After Havana and Señorita, who were number 1 in numerous countries, we certainly don’t have to wait long for the next hit of the power voice.

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And in love, too, everything seems to be going fantastic for the solo artist: Shawn Mendes has been by her side for three years now, and it still seems to be crackling.

Just recently, Cabello revealed on a late night show that the cute singer flirts with her even in his sleep: “Baby, that feels so good,” he is said to have breathed before falling into a deep dream. She herself was still awake and read and was scared to death at first. But then she probably had to smile too.

Cabello can currently not only be seen in many interviews: In the film Cinderella, which has been on since last week Amazon Prime is broadcast, she plays the main role. The story is well known, but now it has new details – and Camila is not on stage, but in front of the camera in a princess dress.

Cover photo: Isabel Infantes / PA Wire / dpa

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