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Deepfake video replaces Jack Nicholson with Jim Carrey in “Shining”

In the following video you can see a scene from the horror classic “Shining” from 1980. The special thing: Jack Nicholson has been replaced by Jim Carrey and that’s pretty creepy.

Deepfakes are scary in themselves, because when you see what is possible through the manipulation of image and video data, you quickly realize that in many cases these days you can no longer believe your eyes.

This is also shown in the following clip, in which the YouTuber “Ctrl Shift Face” replaced the face of Jack Nicholson in the film “Shining” with that of Jim Carrey.

The clip is really well done and I’m surprised at how good Jim Carrey does as a writer Jack. But it’s best to convince yourself.

Here is the video:

We think that:
Now we’d love to see the whole movie with Jim Carrey as Jack.



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