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Camila Cabello: She remains a singer

However, Camila is not planning a long stay in Hollywood. Instead, she claims that she only accepted the part because she “loves music and singing so much”. In the new strip it was possible to try out both in front of the camera. In an interview with Deadline, she explains, “The film really puts the music first, it made it easier to get involved. I love films and I love acting, but I love music and singing so much. To be able to Trying al these things was one of the reasons I was so excited about this movie. “

The film is supposed to be a modern remake of the original fairy tale story. That’s why the good fairy will also be played as the queer Afro-American fairy by Billy Porter, known from ‘POSE’. Camila, who is of Cuban descent herself, will also incorporate her background into the role. About the cast, the ‘Senorita’ interpreter says: “It’s really an honor to play Cinderella, everything that the film stands for, what I stand for. It stands for representation and diversity, dreams and independence. For compassion. All the things, we need to talk about. “

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