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What Christoph Waltz says about Leonardo DiCaprio and Sam Mendes

Oscar winner Christoph Waltz said in an interview with GQ magazine about fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio and why he preferred the current James Bond director Cary Fukunaga to Oscar winner Sam Mendes.

Christoph Waltz received his first Oscar (“Inglourious Basterds”) in his mid-50s and the second Oscar followed three years later for the best supporting role in “Django Unchained”.

His colleague Leonardo DiCaprio was 16 years old when he was similarly in the spotlight. He played great roles in “This Boy’s Life” and “Gilbert Grape – Somewhere in Iowa” at the time.

Waltz: “He did it masterfully”

DiCaprio managed to deal with fame very well. “He (has) made it all really masterful and great,” says Waltz. DiCaprio succeeded: “Maintaining his authenticity and his personality to the extent of star theater”, Waltz pays tribute to his colleagues in the “GQ”.

He also commented on current James Bond director Cary Fukunaga: “I thought Cary Fukunaga was great, just great. Working with him was great. He’s just a smart guy with a crazy sense of drama Has.”

Waltz: “I feel more at home with Fukunaga”

He thought Fukunaga was even better than the previous James Bond director – Sam Mendes. After all, he’s an Oscar winner (“American Beauty”). “I feel more at home with Cary Fukunaga than with Sam Mendes,” Waltz explains.

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