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Tom Cruise saved the lives of two people ·

Tom Cruise often plays the hero in his films, but the Hollywood star also saves people’s lives in reality.

Before the action series “Mission: Impossible” started, Tom Cruise shot comedies such as the film “Cocktail”, which is not very well known. However, a spectacular story has now been published that occurred while the comedy film was being made. Aerial cameraman Bill Bennet shared the story, The Sun reported. A helicopter filmed scenes that the cameraman wanted to show the actors Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue. The helicopter landed, but what happened next was incredible.

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Bennet explained that the small rotors at the end of a helicopter appear invisible to us because of the high speed. If someone goes into their radius unsuspecting, the person dies immediately due to the force. After the stars had watched the scenes in the helicopter, Elisabeth Shue suddenly ran in the direction of the rotors. Fortunately, Tom Cruise immediately recognized the danger, as Bennet explains:

“Tom is a pilot who has been deployed on both airplanes and helicopters and immediately saw the danger. He lunged at her but could only grab her legs and hold her to the ground … At this point she turned pale and he pulled her back to the front of the helicopter and they walked away. All of us in the helicopter were shocked by this near miss, but there was nothing to be said. Tom had really saved her life at that moment. “

Ethan Hunt from the “Mission Impossible” films likes to let it rip, but you can find out if he can keep up with the deadliest action figures in the Video:

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Tom Cruise saved the cameraman on “Mission: Impossible 7”

It is well known that Tom Cruise is not afraid of the danger and usually does daring stunts himself, but of course such a rescue operation speaks for itself. However, it wasn’t just that one time that Cruise saved people on the set. As The Sun also reported, Tom Cruise is said to have saved a cameraman from falling from a train during the filming of “Mission: Impossible 7”. Cruise lives up to his hero role Ethan Hunt in “Mission Impossible 7” and proves that he was made to embody the character.

Meanwhile, fans are longingly waiting for “Mission: Impossible 7”, but the action film is still a long time coming. Due to the corona virus, filming had to be paused and the cinema release was also postponed. The film should currently be on May 26, 2022 appear.

You can prove how well you know your way around the action series here:

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