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The better villain – Sharon Stone taunts Meryl Streep

“I was better”
The better villain – Sharon Stone taunts Meryl Streep

Sharon Stone and Meryl Streep

Sharon Stone (r.) Became furious in an interview after she was questioned about Meryl Streep.

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In an interview, American actress Sharon Stone clashed with a question she was asked about Meryl Streep – and found clear words against her fellow actress. However, she actually wanted to criticize the industry.

Meryl Streep has been on stage or in front of the camera for more than 50 years. The 72-year-old has been nominated for an Oscar 21 times – more often than any other actress – and received three of the coveted trophies. There is a reason why Streep is often referred to as the “Queen of Hollywood” – but not everyone likes it.

In an interview with the Canadian “Zoomer Magazine”, fellow actor Sharon Stone teased Streep and described her skills as overrated. “There are other actresses who are just as talented as Meryl Streep. Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Judy Davis, Olivia Colman or Kate Winslet,” says Stone. “But as soon as you say Meryl Streep, everyone throws themselves on the floor.”

Interviewer Johanna Schneller tried to get a word in between, but Sharon Stone had already spoken herself into a rage and did not shy away from direct comparison with her own acting skills. She could play a villain much better than Streep, she explained. “Meryl wouldn’t have been good at Basic Instinct or Casino. I was better. I know that, and she knows that.”

Criticism of an industry that incites women against each other

A question from Schneller had led Stone to rave about her fellow actor. She asked how it felt to have worked with Streep for the first time for the Netflix film “Die Geldwäscherei” (2019). A phrase she should soon regret. “I like the way you put it,” scoffs the 63-year-old. “That I finally got to work with Meryl Streep. They didn’t say, ‘Meryl finally got to work with Sharon Stone’ or that we could finally work together.”

Stone accuses the interviewer of having already given the answer to the question and recognizes in it the structures that Hollywood itself has created. They should all envy and desire Meryl Streep, everyone should compete with her because only Meryl could be “the good, the best”. It is an industry that incites women against each other. “I think Meryl is a wonderful woman and actress,” she adds. But she is not the only one with such a talent. “Does Meryl even like this role?” Asks Stone.

The interviewer later quipped in the introduction to her article that she learned the hard way not to approach Sharon Stone on Meryl Streep.

Sharon Stone comments after the interview

Stone’s statements, however, quickly made the rounds and gave the actress some criticism. Many media outlets suspected that Stone was guided by envy. The “Basic Instinct” star commented on her statements a few days after the release.

“To be clear: Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses of all time. Just not to the exclusion of others,” she writes on Twitter, making it clear that she is not interested in criticizing Meryl Streep, but in an industry that is based on women comparing and measuring themselves against each other.

Sources: Zoomer Magazine, Twitter (Sharon Stone)

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