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The Americans love them: Alexandra Daddario shows herself without a shell in “True Detective”! – News

In Hollywood, the 27-year-old actress Alexandra Daddario could not really take off. Many know her as Annabeth from the movie series “Percy Jackson”, but since Sunday evening at the latest, she has probably stopped thinking about this role if her name is missing. In the US series “True Detective”, the beautiful brunette showed herself without clothes and has been a topic of conversation ever since.

Big eyes, sensual lips and a dream body – three descriptions that fit Alexandra Daddario. One thing must not be forgotten: she can also act! Nevertheless, she could not really take off in Hollywood and mainly earned supporting roles in American series (including “The Sopranos” and “Law & Order”). She got her first major leading role in the film adaptation of the novel “Percy Jackson”. There the fans could already see her twice as Annabeth Chase in the cinema. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old was on everyone’s lips on Sunday evening and became the number 1 topic of conversation in America.

Alexandra Daddario rose to the challenge

This was due to Alexandra Daddario’s appearance in the new US series “True Detective” with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the leading roles. The brunette American embodies Lisa Tragnetti in the new HBO series and looked deep in the most recent episode. The 27-year-old completely undressed in front of the camera and presented a dream body that turned the heads of the Americans. Within a very short time, Daddarion became a trending topic on Google because of her appearance. In an interview, she admitted that it was a huge challenge for her to present herself in front of the camera without clothes above and below. But since she really wanted to be a part of the series and realized that it was part of the character, she became friends with it. Harrelson, whom she ensnared in the scene, helped her to get through the scene without shame. “He made the whole situation very comfortable,” she admitted. GIFs for the scenes are available here (caution: NSFW).

Here is a video of Alexandra in her role in “Percy Jackson”:

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