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Soundhealing advantages: Sounds for relaxation in self-experiment

Sound healing and yoga for the perfect balance: Jen Lawrence Dale is an expert in both.

Sound healing and yoga for the perfect balance: Jen Lawrence Dale is an expert in both.

Jennifer Lawrence Dale


Singer Jen Lawrence Dale gives sound healing sessions. She tells us what it’s all about and how she keeps her nerve herself.

Sound healing is a wellness trend in which various instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, wind chimes or rain pipes as well as the voice are used for total relaxation. Lifestyle editor Geraldine was able to attend an hour with soundhealing and soundful breathing therapist Jennifer Lawrence Dale.

“Like little, sweet monkeys”

I lie down on a yoga mat with pillows and blankets. “Close your eyes. The only thing you have to do for the next lesson is relax, ”says Jennifer. No problem! Or? Jen begins to play soft notes on singing bowls. Pretty, pretty, pretty. So, relax now, go! Of course, different things come to my mind in the first few minutes: to-do lists, ideas on how I want to write this story, a little hunger … As if Jen noticed that, she says: “When thoughts arise, register them , imagine them as cute monkeys and tell them that you will take care of them later, but not now. “

Jennifer Lawrence Dale gives private sound healing sessions in her studio in Zurich Enge.

Jennifer Lawrence Dale gives private sound healing sessions in her studio in Zurich Enge.

Geraldine Bidermann

Your instructions work, I manage to just lie there better and better. The singing bowls are louder now, a rain pipe sounds like a jungle thunderstorm. Soft wind chimes make me feel like I’m on a beach somewhere in Bali. I see a rainbow in front of my eye. With every note I sink deeper into a space between sleep, dream and wakefulness. I feel like I’m floating

The instruments are comfortable and their tones feel like a massage for the heart. When Jen slowly calls me back into the room, I open my eyes and am comfortably relaxed, like after a bubble bath in winter – not sad, not euphoric, just in the now and grateful. A bit like Savasana after a long yoga session, but even more pervasive. Why is that so? Jen Lawrence Dale gives information in the interview.

“We forget to use our voice”

Jen, why are sounds relaxing? Our body consists of around 70 percent water. And since water reacts to vibrations, the sounds of the singing bowl also have an impact on our bodies. Soundhealing is the balancing of the body’s vibrations through sounds. This results in relaxation relatively quickly, even faster than with ordinary meditation, which often requires more practice.

How did you get into sound healing and soundful breathing? As a teenager, I discovered the importance of singing to my soul. Back then, I locked myself in my parents’ basement for hours singing out loud Whitney Houston. These vibrations in the body, which I felt while singing, calmed me down and I felt more and more balanced afterwards. Instruments and their sounds also trigger these vibrations in the body, that’s where I wanted to start.

Do you plan your sound healing lessons precisely or do you do everything spontaneously according to your feelings? I use the instruments intuitively and according to the situation. It is important to give a clear intention to all sounds, for example gratitude, clarity, joy, energy. The tones are supposed to convey these messages.

You sang during the session. What is the role of the voice in sound healing? The first thing we do in this world is scream. Then we quickly learn to use our voice in a muted manner and actually only use it to communicate. When we hear our voices while we are singing, or the voice of others, it is impressive, like singing a bedtime song to a child.

Can you hold a sound healing session yourself at home? Sure, there are now good headphones and many online offers. Humming a song or a note yourself is also a good calming ritual. But a live session with a coach is of course even more intense because the vibrations in the room can be felt better.

You are the mother of two little twins. How do you keep your nerve there? I believe Miles and Evan (2) first put me on my path of mindfulness. Of course, I’m not always energetic or a mindfulness goddess. But if I take care of myself, I have more energy for both of them and, above all, more patience. That’s why I consciously show them when I need me-time. I then close my eyes for a moment, for example to hear a song or to take ten deep breaths. You should notice this and learn to give yourself this space.

Jen Lawrence Dale had a career as a singer. Today she is a yoga teacher, gives retreats and sound healing and breathing sessions. A private session (60 minutes) costs 145 francs, a zoom session 95 francs.

Would you also like to try sound healing? We’re raffling off a session at Jen’s in Zurich. Follow us on Instagram, write us a DM and you’re in the lottery pot. Much luck!

What effect does music have on your psyche? Is there a song that you immediately shut down? Tell us about it in the comments box.

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