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Prime Video: Eight Anime Now Available Again

After Amazon Prime Video added eleven anime series to its program just a few days ago, the provider is expanding its catalog today. Eight titles that were available some time ago are now back in the Prime subscription.

Eight anime available again

The anime that can now be streamed again on Prime Video include all parts of the “Kizumonogatari”Film series as well as the first three parts of the “Persona 3”-Tetralogy. Also supplemented with “Assassination Classroom – The Movie: 365 Days” another film the prime portfolio.

In addition, is with “AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day” Another anime series is now available again on Prime Video. As usual, all of the aforementioned titles can only be streamed with German synchronization.

In the following we summarize all the details of today’s new additions.

Now back on Prime Video:

“AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day”

The eleven-part drama anime “AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day” is back with a German version from now on Prime Video available. The publisher peppermint anime brought this up DVD and Blu-ray in the trade.


A summer that Jinta and his friends cannot leave behind … Her friend Menma tragically died many years ago when they were still children. The members of the Super Peace Busters, as the students called themselves at the time, have not been able to deal with the pain of loss to this day.

The emotional world of Anaru, Tsuruko, Poppo and Yukiatsu comes at just the right time when Jinta suddenly sees Menma’s ghost and the group comes together again after years of separation to bring the soul of their beloved childhood friend to rest.

“Assassination Classroom – The Movie: 365 Days”

The film for the series “Assassination Classroom” can now with German dubbing Prime Video be streamed. A German Disc release took place at peppermint anime.


The unforgettable time in the Assassination Classroom lasted 365 days for the students in Class 3-E. Koro-sensei, the crazy, yellow tentacle monster with a smiley face, was both her passionate teacher and her unbeatable target person during all the time together.

“Kizumonogatari” film series (3 films)

With the “Kizumonogatari” film series get Amazon Prime Video three films straight back into his program. A Disc release also took place at the publisher peppermint anime.


It was one day in the spring break – Araragi Koyomi, who is in 11th grade at the private Naoetsu high school, happens to meet the attractive model student Hanekawa Tsubasa. She tells him about rumors about a blonde vampire. Koyomi takes a liking to the girl, but shortly afterwards he meets the mysterious vampire …

“Persona 3” film series (3 films)

The first three of four parts of the “Persona 3” film seriesthat are based in this country by peppermint anime DVD and Blu-ray released are back on immediately Prime Video available.


The student Makoto moves to Gekkoukan High School. But as he is on his way to his new dormitory, it strikes midnight and the world around him is changing: In a hidden, additional hour everything is bathed in a gruesome light and people rest in coffins, while creepy monsters, the so-called shadows, walk around.

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