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“I’m not quite right in the head”

She only recently turned 30 and is already noticing a change. Emma Stone admits that she has matured, even if she has taken a bit of madness with her into the new age.

Even before she celebrated her 30th birthday, the actress was skeptical about the new phase of life. Now Emma Stone seems happy about the new age. In an interview with the magazine “Bunte” she recently said: “I’ve found myself again. I’m really grateful that I recently turned 30.”

In her 20s, she didn’t know who she was and felt like she was losing herself. “The 20s were tricky for me, a very, very crazy time,” she recalled.

Last August, she was still afraid of her milestone birthday. “It’s scary how much the thirties crystallize in your life. Instead of just living the dreams I had when I was young and getting the job I want to do and making friends and all of that, it’s now: ‘What do I want to be active now as an adult?’ “, She said to” Elle “at the time.

A piece of old Emma is still there

The actress seems to know that now. And how is the new Emma Stone? “I’m much calmer in this new phase of life. I understand that sometimes I’m not quite right in my head, but that’s okay,” she said. So there is still a piece of old Emma in the US star.

Emma Stone has some successes behind her in her younger years. She has appeared in “The Womanizer”, “Crazy, Stupid, Love” and “The Amazing Spider Man”, among others. In 2017 she received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her role in “La La Land”.

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