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How Tom Hanks became the model for Pandemic Year

Tom Hanks got infected with the coronavirus and gives us hope to get through the pandemic

Not the one you remember – the coronavirus diagnosis announced on March 11, 2020, which was the first undeniable signal for countless Americans that things were getting serious. It was early January 2020 and he was on stage to receive the “Cecil B. DeMille” Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes. He sang a few bars of the Love boat– Theme melody for his own past merits before announcing, “I have a cold the size of Merv Griffins Jeopardy! Royalties. “

How did Tom Hanks deal with his positive COVID-19 test?

It’s amazing to see a year later a crowded room watching the celebrity, so often hailed as America’s father, sniff through an admittedly charming speech. And it was a big moment among many for Tom Hanks this winter. A week later, he received his first Oscar nomination in nearly 20 years for the role of Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (In German: The wonderful Mr. Roberts). At the ceremony in early February, he did push-ups on the red carpet and joked about a “therapy room” backstage for non-winners. (He didn’t win, but Brad Pitt.)

From there he jetted to Australia to see director Baz Luhrmann on the set of Elvis join, a biopic in which Hanks will play the singer’s infamous manager, Colonel Tom Parker. And that’s where he was when he received the news that he and his wife Rita Wilson are both sick. “To put things right, as it is necessary in the world at the moment, we have been tested for the corona virus and are positive,” he wrote on Instagram. “We Hanks are being tested, monitored, and isolated for as long as is necessary for public health and safety. This is little more than a day-to-day operation, is it?”

Coronavirus: If Tom Hanks Could Get It Anyone Can Get It

“One day at a time” was the watchword for this day and the wild week that surrounded it, in which the whole world considered and prepared for what was heralded as a two-week shutdown that was supposed to bring things under control. Anything seemed possible at the time – even Chet Haze, Hanks’ grown son, who had gotten into trouble for rapping in patois on the Golden Globes red carpet, made a rather somber statement suggesting that this might be one decisive moment would be. The power of Hanks’ diagnosis was partly in timing – at the same time the NBA suddenly ended its season and Donald Trump delivered a speech in the Oval Office announcing a travel ban in Europe. But it would have been hard to find a more approachable, personable celebrity who caught the virus this early and caught everyone’s attention. It wasn’t logical, but it felt true – if Tom Hanks could get it, anyone could get it.

Tom Hanks is exemplary during the pandemic

Hanks did after he got sick, like most people. He got better after a while and even donated plasma to help others. In the summer he campaigned alongside Joe Biden, and in the fall he was ready for his new film News of the World in which he plays the typical Tom Hanks character – a good man who makes his way through a difficult world, in this case the Wild West. He’s unlikely to get another Oscar nomination for this, but his 12-year-old co-star Helena Zengel was nominated at the Golden Globes, which he might as well enjoy.

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