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Funny tips about texting, traveling and french fries

Have you ever sent a screenshot to the wrong person – Anna Kendrick has the solution.

Anna Kendrick

Questions that move life
Anna Kendrick is a beautiful actress and singer. She is young, funny, talented and just got her life under control. Who better than them to answer the questions that move our lives?

How do I find my soul mate?
The 31-year-old is currently in a loving relationship with the Briton Benjamin Richardson. Accordingly, she also has the perfect tip ready for the lonely hearts: “Just try to wander up and down the junk food department of your supermarket. This is how you find your soulmate. #Guarantee”

What do you say to someone who says that they are not hungry, but then steals the fries from your plate?
With this question you seem to have hit a sore point with the “Pitch Perfect” star: “Oh, I’ve already lost friends that way. I don’t allow that. I do not support such behavior! “

What do you do if you accidentally send a screenshot of a conversation to the person you were talking to?
Oh, oh, Anna warns that you are in a mess, but she has the perfect way out for you: “Start a rumor that there are malfunctions. Create a few websites, log into forums as various people and ask there whether other people have this problem as well. “

The full video is here
If you need more tips for dating, money, your future or stalking ex-partners, then the whole video is here for you:

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