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Brenda Patea, Eva Benetatou and Co .: Proud solo mums! These celebrity moms are single parents

Georgina Fleur, Jessica Paszka, Yeliz Koc, Eva Benetatou – a real baby boom has started in the world of German influencers and reality stars. But some of the new mothers raise their babies alone. Find out which celebrity mothers are proud solo mothers here.

Real power women: THESE celebrity women raise their baby alone.
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Something must be in the air at the moment, because one celebrity lady after the other is getting pregnant and having a baby. Some of the newly minted celebrity mothers are even at the start as real solo mothers. You can find out who it is here.

Brenda Patea is raising Alex Zverev’s daughter alone

Brenda Patea rocked the catwalk for “Germany’s Next Death Model” in 2017, now the beauty has exchanged her high heels for diapers. The influencer doesn’t buy them for herself, but for daughter Mayla. The little daughter of Brenda (27) and tennis professional Alexander Zverev (24) was born in March 2021 and has been the sunshine that makes his mom shine every day ever since. Papa Alex is in contact with his ex-girlfriend and daughter, but little Mayla lives with Mama Brenda.

Eva Benatatou as the solo mother of son George

Even Eva Benetatou (29) joins the ranks of proud solo mothers. In April, the reality TV actress and her then partner Chris Broy (32) split. Two months later, in June 2021, Eva gave birth to their son George Angelos Benetatou. The native Greek shares her mom’s happiness with fans on Instagram and gives insights into everyday life as a single mom. The followers are delighted and reward every contribution with thousands of likes and comments.

Yeliz Koc as the solo mom of girls after separating from Jimi Blue

at Yeliz Koc (27) it will probably be another solo mom to be, after she and ex-partner Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (29) announced their separation. The beautiful influencer is currently in pregnancy week 34. In general, it is said that the baby should see the light of day around the 40th week of pregnancy. So the brunette beauty doesn’t have to wait long for her little girl. We are already very excited and look forward to seeing Yeliz as a mom.

Famous single mums: Charlize Theron and Co.

By the way, Yeliz Koz, Brenda Patea and Eva Benetatou are in good company. The internationally known single mums included stars such as Sofia Vergara, Denise Richards, Charlize Theron, Amber Heard, Kate Moss and Sandra Bullock.

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