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A center for two Görlitz treasures

Görlitz is proud of its material and intellectual cultural heritage. It is intended to be shown to the general public. The city therefore wants to push ahead with the plans for a cultural heritage center. Two permanent exhibitions on the architectural history of the city and on Jacob Böhme – the first German philosopher – are to be housed in the Trinity Church on Obermarkt. “We now want to nail it down,” said Mayor Octavian Ursu.

With the heritage center, Görlitz wants to gain a worldwide reputation. At the same time, the life and work of Jacob Böhme should be brought closer to a broader public. He is well known in the professional world. The location for the two exhibitions was chosen deliberately. In the Trinity Church, the spiritual and material cultural heritage are intertwined, said Mayor Michael Wieler.

The first German philosopher lived in Görlitz

The architectural treasure exhibition is planned for the ground floor. The exhibits and testimonies are intended to document the building history from the Middle Ages to the prefabricated building from the GDR era. The city wants to present Boehme’s life and work on the gallery. Böhme, who lived in Görlitz from 1599 to 1624, is considered the city’s great son. Hegel called the shoemaker the first German philosopher. He has fans almost all over the world – especially in North America. Nicolas Cage is one of his most prominent followers. The Hollywood star had traveled to Görlitz a few years ago and visited the house and grave of his idol.

Top-class Böhme conference in the Europaforum Görlitzer Synagoge

The planning for the cultural heritage center should be available at the end of next year. There are only rough estimates of the associated costs. Mayor Wieler spoke a year ago of 5.6 million euros.

The life and work of Jakob Böhme in Görlitz should also be made known through international conferences. Well-known scientists are invited to a conference in the Kulturforum Görlitzer Synagoge this month. Böhme researchers from Yale, Venice and Queensland in Australia will be connected via live stream.



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