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Why Sharon Stone paid the fee for young Leonardo DiCaprio himself

Yesterday, March 30th, the memoir of actress Sharon Stone was released with “The Beauty of Living Twice”. In it she looks back on an eventful career and remembers, among other things, a time when she worked as a producer on the Sam Raimi film “The Quick and the Dead”. She particularly remembered the debates with the TriStar studio – they refused to cast Leonardo DiCaprio, which is why she ultimately had to help out with her own money.

“DiCaprio just killed the audition”

In her memoir, Stone illuminates the story as follows: “That kid named Leonardo DiCaprio was the only one who killed the audition.” The actress also mentioned that other young actors auditioned for the teenage role in the film, only: “Mine But in my opinion he was the only one who came in and cried and begged his father to love him when he died on the scene. ”So she wanted to hire DiCaprio badly.

Sharon Stone in “The Quick And The Dead” in 1994.

Sharon Stone paid for it herself

Stone still remembers a conversation with TriStar, in which the studio said: “Why a stranger, Sharon, why do you always shoot yourself in the knee?” , added, “The studio said if I wanted him that bad, I could pay him off my own salary. So I did that. “

Unfortunately, it is not known how much of their fee was ultimately spent on DiCaprio. In any case, the film helped the young actor climb another rung on the career ladder.

TriStar Pictures Getty Images / TriStar

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