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June 04, 2021 – 10:10 am clock

Rihanna is apparently not a friend of many words

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Singer Rihanna poses on her current Instagram photos in sexy lingerie from her own label and thinks: that has to be enough. Why do your followers need a clever caption? Rihanna’s fans can absolutely understand that the 33-year-old is speechless at the sight of them.

“When your own beauty leaves you speechless”

“I’ve now thought about a text about the pictures for three minutes. I have nothing to say,” writes Rihanna simply and fairly honestly about the hot photos. Her followers do not resent the rather taciturn contribution and show understanding. “When your own beauty leaves you speechless,” flatters a follower. Another writes: “The picture says it all anyway” and a third fan says: “Why do you need a caption here?” Otherwise, of course, there are compliments and countless heart-shaped eyes and flame emojis.

However, some Rihanna fans are not blinded by the almost bare facts and investigatively ask when the new album can finally be expected. Rihanna doesn’t say a word about this either. (csp)

In the video: Not only Rihanna looks hot in her own lingerie designs

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