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These 5 stars still have a normal job!

When we think of Hollywood stars, we imagine a glorious life. Lots of fans, always some kind of event and of course a lot of glamor. But it’s usually not that easy. Not everyone feels really comfortable being on stage permanently. That is why many asterisks are back in a normal job.

It is well known that you always take the easiest or most beautiful path – and for celebrities this is not always just to be in the spotlight, but to lead a normal life with a normal job. KUKKSI reveals big stars who are now back to normal jobs and who have turned their backs on Hollywood.

These stars have normal jobs

Angus T. Jones

As a child, you couldn’t be more successful than he was. With “Two and a Half Man” Angus T. Jones became an absolute star. Today he works in the production company “Tonite” and campaigns against bullying and child abuse.

Kim Kardashian

Incredible, but true: From next year, it girl Kim Kardashian wants to work as a lawyer. However, there was a setback in May. She rattled through an exam in her law degree.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the most famous actresses ever. In the meantime she has almost ended her acting career. Because since 2014 she has not taken on a role and only works as an author.

Jack Gleeson

If the name doesn’t mean anything to you, just think of “Game of Thrones”. There he played the sadistic heir to the throne Joffrey Baratheon. He has decided to put his acting career on hold. That is exactly why he is now working normally as a doll maker.

Dylan Sprouse

At that time, he and his twin brother became really famous through the children’s series “Hotel Zack & Cody” and made his big breakthrough with it at an early age. However, he is currently focused on other things than acting. He is currently working as a master brewer in his own brewery. Already read? These 6 US stars have German roots!



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