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The Kardashians: $ 180 million in debt

Did the Kardashians run into billions in debt after the reality show ended?

What is it really about this talk? As the website “” reports, there are said to be 180 million US dollars in debt that the Kardashians have accumulated.

The famous family clan is said to have gone bankrupt a year ago

About a year ago, the American celebrity magazine “Star” had a story on its cover with the headline “Big bankruptcy!” was provided. Behind the lines you could see a photo montage with the head of the family Kris Jenner (65) and their two daughters Khlo√© Kardashian (37) and Kim Kardashian West (40). All three women looked very seriously at the camera.

The article then came up from an anonymous insider who claimed that their media empire’s profits were steadily falling, but that they continued to lead a “lavish lifestyle.” The reality show is like a “cash cow” for the whole family. But because of “falling audience figures” one would have to prepare for an early end. And with the end of the show, the prominent clan would be left with the outstanding costs. The only ones who didn’t have to worry financially would be the two youngest sisters, Kendall Jenner (25) and Kylie Jenner (24), who are on safe feet with their own businesses.

Kim Kardashian and her family continue to thrive

“” is certain that that would be correct in any case. Because Kylie and Kendall are currently on the road to absolute success with their fashion lines. But otherwise there would be no signs that the rumor would be true: After the end of the reality show “KUWTK”, the Kardashians immediately landed the next deal and signed a multi-year contract with the Disney subsidiary Hulu for several projects. In addition, according to the “Forbes” list, Kim Kardashian’s fortune was estimated at the equivalent of 637 million euros at the end of 2020 and that of her mother Kris Jenner at the equivalent of 190 million euros. The assets of their family members should also be constantly in the millions.

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