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Lockdown belly: Will Smith plans fitness documentary on YouTube!

Cover picture: Will Smith plans fitness documentary on YouTube

This week is probably entirely in the name of the so-called prosperity bellies. While Mark Wahlberg can feast without a guilty conscience due to a new film role and is even happy about it, Will Smith is not quite as happy about his corona bacon rolls. The 52-year-old Hollywood star has now dropped his covers on Instagram and caused a sensation on social media with two less favorable pictures.

Although the actor in the first picture is wearing a training jacket, little can be seen of a sporty figure. Even the most popular clothes of the pandemic, the comfortable sweatpants, appeared to the star to be superfluous that day. Will Smith openly and freely proclaims in the description: “I want to be honest with you guys – I’m in the worst shape of my life.”

The film star, made famous by the sitcom “The Prince of Bel Air”, seems to speak to many people from the soul, because in addition to almost seven million likes, the post also includes numerous comments from prominent colleagues. Even Arnie personally added his mustard. Schwarzenegger motivated Smith with the following words: “Will, you poor baby. I cry for you. Even if you’re still in better shape than 90 percent of Americans. Keep pumping!”

Instagram: Will Smith shows off his quarantine body
Will Smith bluntly shows his quarantine body on Instagram.

A day later, the “Fresh Prince” went completely bare except for his underpants for a short video and posed like a model in front of the camera. At this point it becomes clear once again that Will has never lacked a sense of humor. However, if you assumed that Smith was posting the “Body Positivity” If the trend has declined, it will unfortunately be disappointed.

Under the post he says that “Midnight Muffins” namely the fight. In the course of this, the 52-year-old also announced that he was with YouTube will cooperate to get his health and wellbeing back on track. According to information, it should be a six-part documentary act in the will with Athletes, scientists and fitness experts by his side will try to get into that best shape of his life get. The format is to be broadcast in the coming year.

In any case, Will Smith doesn’t have a big choice as an actor, because this body, which was created on the countless days on which the American dug his way through the pantry, has to be used for the shooting of the fourth part of “Bad Boys” at the latest. be reshaped. Even the director Michael Bay gives the father of three no other choice via Instagram: “Well … Are we going to bring the gang back together? The last chapter of Bad Boys. You will get in shape, I guarantee you!”

Instagram: Will Smith in underwear
Will Smith announced his collaboration with YouTube on Instagram.
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