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Interview with Amanda Seyfried: “A lot has happened to me spiritually” – Panorama

From Christian Aust

American actressAmanda Seyfried is plagued by fear of failure.  Photo: dpa

American actressAmanda Seyfried is plagued by fear of failure.Photo: dpa

Amanda Seyfried, who plays a leading role in the comedy “Ted 2”, speaks in the StZ interview about getting older and her terrible stage fright.

From Christian Aust

06/23/2015 – 4:52 pm

London – Amanda Seyfried posed as a model in front of the camera at the age of eleven before she made a career in the film business. Her big breakthrough came with the role of Sophie in the musical film “Mamma Mia!”. Since then, the 29-year-old has been a fixture in Hollywood. In the sequel to the hit comedy “Ted”, she can be seen in German cinemas as a young lawyer from Thursday. By the way, Amanda Seyfried appeared barefoot for an interview in a London hotel.

Miss Seyfried, “Ted” is a talking teddy bear. What was your favorite toy animal when you were a child?

I had a rubber lizard that smelled strange but also kind of fantastic. I loved them very much. I got it when we went to Disney World for the first time. But I also have this angel that my older sister gave me when I was born. It’s always with me to this day when I travel.

Why are you keeping this angel?

He’s kind of a talisman to me, I’m a little superstitious. And I’ve already taken it with me when I stayed with a friend as a child. The angel stays in my suitcase. I only have this one piece of luggage that I always travel with. And if the suitcase breaks, I’ll buy the same one again. It always fits exactly in the overhead locker on the plane.

You will be thirty in December. Are you afraid of this date?

I find it exciting. A lot of friends tell me that they got nervous just before they turned thirtieth when they weren’t expecting it. I find it rather exciting to come to an age when I always looked at people differently. I just have a different kind of respect for people over thirty, even if that is certainly unfair.

From your point of view, how have you developed over the past few years?

A lot has happened to me in the past two years, emotionally and spiritually. I have grown a lot. I think I am ready to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. I am ready to be taken seriously.

And what happened emotionally and spiritually in your life?

I faced my fears in order to banish them from my life or to be able to deal with them. That made me grow enormously. I know so much more about myself now. Not everything, but I’ve come a long way. I wanted to find out what I really need to be happy. This is a fight and I faced it. Because it is not easy to deal with yourself in this way. You don’t always like what you see when you look so deeply into yourself.

Can you give me an example?

For example, I always had terrible stage fright. Speaking in front of a group of people panicked me. I’ve been scared of that since I was ten years old. That’s why I made a conscious decision to play theater on Off-Broadway in New York. There was something incredibly liberating about it and it made me grow a lot.

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