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Golden Globes: Tom Cruise returns film awards in protest

Protest action

Film award criticism: Tom Cruise returns Golden Globes

The Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Awards

Glamor, glitter and thunderstorms: In addition to the Oscars and Emmys, the Golden Globe Awards are considered the most important awards in Hollywood.

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Lack of diversity and lack of transparency: The pressure on the distributors of the Golden Globes is growing. Film star Cruise also draws conclusions.

Los Angeles. It looks like the legendary hypocritical scene in Hollywood classics Casablanca. “I’m shocked – shocked that there is secret gambling going on here!”, The corrupt police prefect Louis Renault told “Rick ‘Café Américain” operator Humphrey Bogart. At the same time, the croupier pushes him his baksheesh.

78 years after the founding of the most important film and television awards in America after “Oscar” and “Emmy” – the “Golden Globes” – a small, obscure association on the collar.

Tom Cruise returns prizes in protest against racism and corruption

The barely 90 members strong “Hollywood Foreign Press Association”, HFPA for short, which awards the globes and lives in a dubious parasite-host animal relationship with the dream factory, is exposed to a storm against which “Gone with the Wind” was a gentle breeze.

In protest against racist personnel policy – there is not a single black in the club that resembles a secret lodge – and various Cheating allegations Great actor Tom Cruise returned three “Globes” he won for “Born on July 4th” (1990), “Jerry Maguire – Game of Life” (1997) and “Magnolia” (2000), according to media reports.

Golden Globes Awards: NBC cancels broadcast

Even more: The TV broadcaster NBC, which since 1996 had the last annual broadcast of the rental gala, which was followed by 20 million people, cost double-digit million sums, will switch off next year. They don’t want to start again until 2023 at the earliest. If by then “real reforms” entered into force.

In addition, the streaming services Netflix and Amazon have put their collaboration with the association founded in 1943 on hold. Stars like Scarlett Johansson call for people to stay away from the HFPA. Some members asked her questions at press conferences that bordered on “sexual harassment”.

Her colleague Mark Ruffalo regrets ever accepting an award from the foreign press. He and other colleagues recalled that Phil Berk, long president of the Foreign Press Association, recently called the Black Lives Matter movement a “racist hatred movement”. He was kicked out for it.

Criticism of film organization: fraud and corruption

The mighty bow wave against the HFPA goes back to research by the “Los Angeles Times”. In it, the organization, which has secured privileged access to stars and starlets, appears as parasitic and corrupt. There is an almost inbred network of relationships with the film industry.

But this is not news. Ten years ago Michael Russell, ex-PR head of the association, which last pays out two million dollars a year to its members, filed a lawsuit. HFPA members are said to be “unethical and possibly illegal agreements Entangled “. They would accept luxury travel, gifts, and other benefits from the studios. In return, certain films would be highly praised.

The journalist had only two years ago Kjersti Flaa sued because the HFPA had denied her membership. The Norwegian alleged that the quirky association was taking advantage of its position of power, even though the dream manufacturers did not actually want to spend “enormous sums of money” on “aging journalists” who “snore regularly during film screenings”.

Accusations of racism: HPFA prescribes reforms for itself

In the past few weeks, the HPFA has enacted the first reforms that critics say are “not far-reaching enough”. According to President Ali Sar, membership should almost double by 2023, preferably by African Americans.

That too Presents mischief, which studios, producers and PR firms have cultivated to gain critical acclaim, is being curbed. It remains to be seen whether extra tours such as those for the filming of the inconsequential Netflix series “Emily in Paris” are also possible. At that time, 30 HFPA people were flown to the Seine and stayed in a luxury hotel at prices of over 1000 euros a night. After that, “Emily” was nominated several times for the Golden Globes.

After the Oscars, the Golden Globes are among the most important film awards in Hollywood. The award of the film prizes, which have been awarded since 1944, is largely financed by the granting of broadcasting rights.

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