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Daniel Radcliffe: Still in contact with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint? – Cologne


Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe used to be good friends with his colleagues. But does this friendship with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint still exist?

The first “Harry Potter” film was released almost 19 years ago. It was in the turn that actor Daniel Radcliffe, who played the lead role in “Harry Potter”, made famous. His two co-stars, Emma Watson, who played “Hermione Granger”, and Rupert Grint, who played “Ron Weasley”, had a similar experience. The trio were inseparable in the film, they were considered best friends. And the actors got along really well in real life too. One of “Harry Potter’s” greatest enemies in the movies was “Draco Malfoy,” played by Tom Felton. The two just didn’t warm to each other, especially when “Draco” moved to the other, darker side of the Force. But in real life everything looked very different – the two child actors got along great. One of the trio got on particularly well with him. In an interview, Rupert Grint chatted that the chemistry between Emma Watson and Tom Felton was just right and there was a spark. For many fans, music in their ears. But unfortunately the two never got closer – neither in front of nor behind the camera.

Does Daniel Radcliffe keep in touch with his “Harry Potter” colleagues?

Daniel Radcliffe was asked that question when he appeared on the TV show “Today Show Australia”. And the answer came promptly: “Definitely!” But, over time – and with age – a few things have changed. The former colleagues are no longer as close to each other as they once were. But you still try not to lose sight of each other. The “Harry” actor and his best friend only communicated with each other when Rupert Grint’s baby was born – he and his girlfriend Georgina Groome had a daughter at the beginning of May. His film friend commented: “He’s going to be a great father! But it’s a little crazy that we are now of the age to have kids and I think it might make the rest of the world feel a little old. ”

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