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Britney Spears: Police operation in her mansion

Britney Spears, 39, finally wants to decide for herself again. But this dream could now be a long way off …

Britney Spears: Assault Charges?

Oops … she did it again! Only shortly after Britney Spears finally got rid of her father Jamie Spears as guardian, she causes a new scandal. The blonde is supposed to beaten her housekeeper to have! As the US website “TMZ” reports, Britney’s dogs Princess Sara Beth and Daisy are said to have become very ill due to poor nutrition and dehydration and one of the four-legged friends was even “half-dead”. The housekeeper then got into an argument with the singer Britney attacked the woman! The result: an advertisement. “The file will be forwarded to the prosecutor, who will then decide whether to bring assault charges against Mrs. Spears“confirmed a spokesman for the Ventura County Department.

You can read more about Britney Spears here:

Britney Spears: was it all made up?

But the pop queen’s lawyer denies the allegations. The allegations against his client were “made up”.

Anyone can make an allegation, but this case should have been closed immediately.

The police officers who had been called for help saw the incident as a “very minor offense“classified where”there are no injuries“Have given. But is that really the end of the matter?”Britney’s freak could have dire consequences and destroy everything she has fought so hard for“fears an insider. Because now her father also had it explained in a letter that he submitted to the court:

If the public knew all of the facts about Ms. Spears personal life, not just her ups but also its downs, all of the addiction and mental health issues she faced, and all of the guardianship challenges, they would be Mr. Spears for Praise, not slander, the work he has done.

This text comes from the current “OK!” You can read even more hot star news from Kim Kardashian about Heidi Klum and Georgina Fleur in the new “OK!”

Text: Natali Söhl

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